Life after Crores

I was just thinking what would I do after getting Crores of Rupees.. If I am addicted to money so much then I would think of making Crores to tens of Crores or even hundreds of Crores. If I am not addicted then I might just think of enjoying life and doing what I love. Now the question is, how to enjoy life and what do I love to do? I am confused. I don’t know the answer for either.

The chase for money and luxuries is fine for now, but when I am done with it, what should I be doing? Life is so damn complicated. It does not give me any answer that I seek. It frustrates me. But I guess I have enough time to figure it out myself :).

After all Money is not everything in LIFE. We got just 60-70 years to live in this damn planet. That means for a software guy life is just 3k-4k weekends. I am sure we can enjoy about 2.5k weekends. Thats it not more than that. Our life is only weekends. Weekdays sucks. Accept it. Fact of life. To enjoy 2.5k weekends we are going to mess up 30-40 years of week days. Honestly this is not life. It is gonna be boring if we don’t make up enough money ASAP and start leading life to get happiness. Don’t Screw up 30-40 years. Screw up a maximum of 10 years to lead the rest of your life peacefully and not chasing money. This is what I have decided to do and am in process of doing it. Lets see how it goes. I have completed just 100 weekends of life as of now as a software guy. Rest is unknown and hope its bright.


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