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What to do now in Stock Market?

This is a question I keep asking myself these days after seeing the market tumble down. I keep telling my friends that “Stock Market is crashing” and they reply back to me that “Tell me something new” or “You keep giving me bad news” or “How long is it going to happen this way”.

These are just my guesses how things might go in the near future. I am not an expert in economics or stock market. Just an ordinary guy with a special interest in economics and stock market, so you can very well assume that I can always go wrong :). After this disclaimer, I hope to say things that are there in my mind without any fear. Continue reading


Business and Superstitions

Business always brings in superstitions. I have seen that in many cases. Businessmen might not believe in all these superstitions if it had not hampered their business. I have seen many people in business because of these superstitions. A close friend of mine is in business and he always keeps a small white stone in his pocket while going for his business deals. (Strange!!!????) Continue reading


Long Break !!!

I took a long break just to rejuvenate myself..

The break was because of some spiritual activity that I indulged in. Glad it helped me. More about that on a later note.

Other than that nothing significant in life.. I got closer to grave by an year.. :). I am now 25 years young.. From today I shall be back with my thoughts.. Keep checking..


A valuable lesson from Toyota

I read this amazing article.. Just read on.. It will be a pleasure..


What Toyota knows that GM doesn’t?

Do you know how many hourly jobs GM has laid off from 2006 to July 2008? Take a guess. How about 34,000? And now, they’re talking about another 5,500 layoffs. And now they’re asking you and your government for a bailout to end their troubled, outdated, low quality, wasteful production system. But, let’s not focus on fixing GM’s problems with an infusion of cash. There’s something even deeper going on here that’s really wrong. Continue reading


Citi Group Cuts 50k Jobs!!!

It is really a very bad sign. Citi Group, U.S. fourth biggest bank by market value plans to eliminate 14% jobs or 50k jobs. Citi group has now around 352,000 employees in its pay roll. It has already eliminated around 23k jobs in this year alone by selling various business units and job cuts. It plans to just eliminate some more so that it can become profitable.

Expenses kept mounting and for the last four quarters it is totaled at 62 billion dollars. Now with the following moves it is expected to become around 50 billion dollars. Continue reading

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