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Is it good to buy house in slump?

How many of you have considered buying a house during slump? Not many. I would love to hit the deal but there is liquidity crunch and loans are not easily available. The rates of houses/apartments have not come down drastically as the media claims. It is just that at some places that the correction is happening and honestly I don’t see much of a difference from a common man’s view.

Before six months the rate of a 3-bedroom apartment near my home was close to Rs. 35 Lakh (excluding registration) and now it has come down to Rs. 30 Lakh. Still I think it is not a fair deal. Since there is heavy crunch in the market the builders are facing the music and they are not able to sustain themselves and if they don’t hold on to the prices then there are chances that they might be in trouble. Continue reading


Blog not updated?

Hello All,

These days as have you noticed I haven’t updated blog regularly. That is due to some course that I joined and also due to laziness. I am done with the course and I have gained some knowledge, I hope to use in future.

Work and Blog takes time in life. I never thought blogging can be this addictive.

For those of you who have stayed patient with me, Thanks. I require all the support that you can offer me.

@Anonymous: I remember that I need to write about my views on what I think about good/bad politician. I will surely do it.

@All Readers: I appreciate your efforts for sharing the thoughts with me and also encouraging me to write articles. I shall update the blog regularly from now on. Thanks for your support. Keep Visiting and Share about this blog with your other family members and friends if you think it is worth it.




When to start saving and investing?

I have this question in my mind for some time now. I don’t know when is the right time to start saving and investing. I am sure many of us would have gone through such a phase at least once during the life time and many go through it daily like me. I always decide that I should invest and save up but land up in spending.

This is a very common behavior in young guys like me without any commitments. It is hard to save up or invest without any commitment or obligation. Generally I have noticed that guys give money to mom or dad to manage it for them and they are happy earning and asking parents for money when they require it. I am not against it but it is not a good sign moving forward. Continue reading


Hotel Taj : icon of whose India ?

This Article is by Gnani Sankaran- Tamil writer, Chennai.


Watching at least four English news channels surfing from one another during the last 60 hours of terror strike made me feel a terror of another kind. The terror of assaulting one’s mind and sensitivity with cameras, sound bites and non-stop blabbers. All these channels have been trying to manufacture my consent for a big lie called – Hotel Taj the icon of India.
Whose India, Whose Icon ?

It is a matter of great shame that these channels simply did not bother about the other icon that faced the first attack from terrorists – the Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station. CST is the true icon of Mumbai. It is through this railway station hundreds of Indians from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Tamilnadu have poured into Mumbai over the years, transforming themselves into Mumbaikars and built the Mumbai of today along with the Marathis and Kolis. Continue reading


What is your worth?

The economic meltdown is a cause of worry for many people and I do agree that it is a bad phase in most of our lives. Today I read that the software engineers who were hired by WIPRO were asked to work for BPO and they all revolted and now WIPRO has given four days to decide on the situation.

What would be your call on such a situation? I would be really very disturbed and paranoid about the whole situation. But really I won’t be thinking too much. If I really feel that I want to make money then I would just take up any job but if I want to make a career then I would really think hard and decide. I don’t know how many people have thought about their career and all that. I was not very clear how my career should go on for the first two years. Now I know where I should head to. Once that is clear I think everything else will fall in place. Continue reading

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