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Electronic Herds and their behavior

Now a day, everything in the market is online. This gives extra advantage to the investors around the world to invest in a place where they like to do. An investor in America can buy shares in Indian markets and similarly an Indian investor can invest in American markets. That is how things are in today’s world. This gives the investors the ease to invest in any markets of their choice. The treaties between the governments and the world becoming smaller day by day everything is possible in today’s world. Continue reading

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Markets and its volatility

Today March 23, 2009 is a good day for Indian markets. Market is up by 457 points. There are no strong reasons for why the market is up? I was following couple of market analysts and all that they predicted at 9.30 am is markets “might” be up and it will have resistance in the range of 200 points, one analyst predicted that it will rise and then flatten out and other predicted that there might not be any major changes. In some time during the noon, the analyst realized that the markets are going up and they changed their sentences as, markets are doing well and it will go up further north. This was a good sign to investors. Continue reading


Market Mess

I have been investing in the Indian Markets for quite a while, approximately 2 years. I have not been so very successful in my attempt to make money from the stock market. I have realized the story of market to certain extent. It is just random and there are no rules that govern the market. This is my “Lesson Learnt” from the market activity. Let me elaborate on this.

Being individual investor and not taking any professional help from the financial institutions, it was not easy for me to decide on the “hot companies”. I was reading all possible news related to companies and market in general to know what to do in the market. But that did not help me go anywhere. I did not know how to choose the portfolio. Which companies are good for long term and short term? When to book profits was other problem once I chose the company? Totally I was confused. Continue reading


Evergreen Loan

A loan that does not require the principal amount to be paid off within a specified period of time. These loans are usually in the form of a short-term line of credit that is routinely renewed leaving the principal remaining outstanding for a long term. This kind of loan is very beneficial for the banks and other financial institutions. Continue reading


GOLD – The precious Metal

History of gold prices (in rupees):

1930: 180 per 10 gram
1940: 360 per 10 gram
1950: 1000 per 10 gram
1960: 1110 per 10 gram
1970: 1840 per 10 gram
1975: 5,400 per 10 gram
2000: 3,000 per 10 gram
2006: 5,400 per 10 gram
2009: 15,700 per 10 gram.

Gold surprisingly gave 300% returns from 1970 to 1975 when world suffered worst ever recession after great Depression. Will the history repeat? That is the reason behind current “Mad Gold rush”. But if you invested in the Gold in 1975, your investment gave negative returns for the next 25 years. Continue reading

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