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Can I become A Millionaire?

I have asked this question to myself many a times. When I was a kid, I was asked by my teacher what would I want to become in the future and I remember telling her that I want to become a billionaire. She asked me, “Why do you want to become a billionaire?” I answered her that, I want to help the poor people. I have realized that you don’t have to have money to help poor people but I surely want to become a billionaire. Continue reading

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Anything is better than Losing Money

There are many investment vehicles which promise huge returns. Many actually do have that potential and perform as promised and this can be attributed to many conditions. Some call it luck and some call it strategic decision. Whatever is the reason one can attribute to, the end result is that people are making money from these investment vehicles. I am glad for them that they have done is right and the result is wonderful. I hope that many are in this category but the truth is not so. This category of people who know how to make money with investment vehicles, don’t share much of their secrets. Continue reading

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Price Fixing – Part III

Please read Part I and Part II before reading further.

Vodafone and Bharati Airtel are two big brands in India. Before Vodafone entering into India, it bought 10% share in Airtel. From Wikipedia, “On 28 October 2005, the Company announced the acquisition of a 10 per cent stake in India’s Bharti Televentures, which operates the largest mobile phone network in India under the brand name AirTel. On 22 December 2005, the Company announced the completion of the acquisition of the 10% stake in Bharti Televentures of India.” Some days back when I had accidentally typed it was redirected to Vodafone page. (Isn’t it funny?). Now you can check that such a page does not exist and I tried to get the domain registrar’s name and it was not fruitful. Continue reading


Price Fixing – Part II

Please read Part I before you proceed.

Consider there is a dealer X, he wants to sell the goods to other dealers only. In order that to happen, he sells goods to customer at an inflated rate which is not close to what other dealers are providing. In such a scenario, the customer does not like to go to that particular shop to buy the goods. But whereas when the dealers ask him for goods he keeps his margin and sells the goods. This way, the dealer X has a shop and he is making money and he is making sure that others in the community are also making money. In such a co-operative environment, price fixing is bound to happen. Continue reading


Price Fixing – Part I

It is interesting to know that the competitors join hands to ensure they fool the customers. In any market, customer is considered to be the king. But there can be many places where in he is just fooled. Isn’t it interesting? I was wondering whether such things do happen in real or is it only theory. Now I am convinced that there is price fixing in the market and the customers are fooled at large. I don’t know whether it is a good practice or a bad practice to control the demand and supply chain but I know in long run it might not help the competitors. Continue reading

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