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Movie Review – Rock On!!!

I watched Rock On today. Here are my views about the movie.

Rock on is Dil Chahta Hai – Part 2. Again there are four friends, rifts between them separates the four and they unite, just like DCH where there are three friends rifts separates them and at last the three end up together. 🙂

Rock On starts with a bang… Nice loud music from the start. The music was pretty descent through out the movie. Thanks to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. I loved the way the story is told. It is kinda Jig-Saw puzzle. Everything fits in as and when the story moves on. Lovely narration, kudos to the director. I don’t remember any movie with similar story telling. (I know I have a bad memory, sorry if i missed something..).
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Act of Random Kindness

Act of Random Kindness

According to “Kind” means “of a good or benevolent nature or disposition”.

Being kind to others is very difficult. I have witnessed many incidents and I have felt I am not kind to fellow human beings. Why do I behave like this? I have pondered over this question a million of times and I don’t have any specific answer.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

– Dalai Lama

Kindness can be shown only by humans who are supposed to have six senses when compared to any other forms of life that exist on earth. But honestly I feel that sometimes animals are kind towards humans than humans being kind to fellow human beings. These days I find hardly people thinking about others and their welfare. They can’t be kind to others. If they see someone suffering they assume million things and don’t really care about anything and leave it right there and then. Do these acts of human’s make them human? I doubt. It is really very difficult to be kind in today’s world. Most of us are very selfish and think only about our welfare. Why is it so? Can’t we ever think of others? I guess the answer is “YES”.

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Investment Consultants

Investment Consultant is an awesome job. All that one has to do is describe the financial product make claims of getting great returns and that’s it. The average investor in every one of us is so happy and we make the commitment to throw away the money at the financial product. How many of you have ever thought about these?

I get at least two calls daily from various consultants asking for whether I am interested in investments in other words it is asking, I am going to siphon out your hard earned money, are you willing to give it away?

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Earn More???

I was reading this article on I don’t understand what rediff wants to achieve by posting these kind of articles.

The article says to beat inflation, a person has to increase his income. Nothing is clear in that article. All that I could make out is rediff is churning out articles just because it has to. It does not say how to beat inflation or how to increase income. It says increase your income so that you can beat inflation. I am sure whoever read it would have thought what is this all about.

Increasing the income, rather than decreasing the expenditure

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Credit Cards – A Useful Tool

I was thinking over the usage of Credit Cards. It is really a wonderful tool if we use it to our advantage. Since we screw up most of the things in life, Credit Cards adds to the woes. I would like to suggest few things about its usage and certain precautions of using it. Here it goes:

1. I would advice “You” to have at least two credit cards. The limit of credit should be equal to your current salary and other card should be less than double your salary. Ensure that both your cards does not have any annual charges or some other hidden charges. These should be free.

2. When applying for Credit cards, ensure that you get at least 50 – 70% of your credit in Cash. That means, if your credit limit is Rs. 20,000 then you should get at least Rs.10, 000 as cash from the bank’s ATM or branch.
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