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Akshaya Tritiya

Today is the auspicious day according to the Hindu calendar. Akshaya Tritiya is traditionally observed as the birthday of Parusurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The day is particularly considered auspicious for buying long term assets like gold and silver, including ornaments made of the same; diamond and other precious stones; and the real estate. The legend states that any venture initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya shall continue to grow and bring prosperity. Hence, it is normal to see many of the new ventures, like starting a business, ground breaking for construction etc on the Akshaya Tritiya Day. Continue reading


Needs Vs Wants

I read an article about the needs and wants. It was an interesting article. The author explains the difference between a need and a want. This is what I understood. A need is something that you can’t live without say Food and a want is something that you can afford but that is not necessary say eating at a very posh restaurant. Continue reading


Cable Television

I recently paid Rs. 210 to my cable television operator. I am not happy with the quality of the transmission. Most of the channels transmit digital signals and it is supposed to be better than the analog signals and quality of the output must have been better but it is not so at my place. I was not happy with that and I complained the same to my operator and he advised me to change the ten years old television. I was not happy with the suggestion. So I thought of changing the service provider. Continue reading


The first step – Financial Planning

April is the first month of the new financial year. It is better we start planning regarding our finances now rather than at the end of the financial year. It is a good sign to move ahead with our finances in a planned way rather than haphazard way.

Financial planning is a process of managing our finances in order to achieve the financial goals. Before you start planning you should have financial goals. It is very important. We should know what the goals are, once that is clear the rest all are easy. Examples for financial goals are buying a property, buying a home, going on a vacation, visiting a relative in a foreign locale and so on. Let the goal be very specific, if the goal is very specific then I am sure the path that leads to it also can be easily figured out. Once the goal is set the planning becomes the next step. Continue reading


Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme (Gold BeES)

The investment objective of Gold Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme (Gold BeES) is to provide returns that, before expenses, closely correspond to the returns provided by domestic price of gold through physical Gold.

However, the performance of Scheme may differ from that of the domestic prices of Gold due to expenses and certain other factors. There can be no assurance or guarantee that the investment objective of Gold BeES will be achieved. Continue reading

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