Billionaire college dropouts!

College drop outs are generally regarded as good for nothing guys. But the truth is that they are the most confident and talented souls when they are in run to transform their dreams into reality. They chase their dreams and don’t lose heart when they are bombarded with loads of difficulties and failures. I think failure is just a part of life which ensures the winners to stay there and reap the fruit. If you quit the moment you see a failure then I guess you don’t deserve to win. These college dropouts struggled their way up and they will always get up after the millionth fall.

Most of the billionaires are college dropouts. I am sure that many of the dropouts wanted to be successful in life and they followed their heart and were confident of what they were pursuing. Their vision to help fellow human beings in some way or the other led them to be where they are today. Creating a niche product and then providing excellent services to customers and treating them with great respect helped them to build a loyal customer base. They ensured that they made the life of customers very simple from their products and service.

The college dropouts that I am talking about are:

Bill Gates, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs. Many more can be added to list and I am sure you know guys who are around you.

These guys realized what they wanted in life and helped other guys also achieve their dreams there by fulfilling what they dreamt of. There is nothing wrong to pursue your dreams dropping your academics, after all most of us study hard to earn a good living and this is what I am not supporting in life. I don’t want this to happen with “YOU”. If you are one of these kinds of people who have struggled hard to study and work for someone else after 25 years, why don’t we start working hard for ourselves from when we are 15 years? I do agree that education gives a descent living and nice comforts but if you dream of making something big in life then re-think about what you are going to do and what you will do. It is never too late to change your decision. Just realize your potential and work hard.

Education in India curbs the creativity in the kids. They have uniform to treat equally but the truth is that the education system just ensures that the kids think alike, if they think different they are not the “right” kind of kid to be in School. I have seen many of my friends who were good at various sports but were not so keen on usual studies but they were not able to pursue any sport and in fact they all lost the desire about pursuing and settled with mediocre life. Some of my friends pursued their dreams and today I am happy to say that they are pretty happy with their life and they are not living a mediocre life. I am blessed to have such friends.

I don’t preach people to just abandon studies and go about following their dreams. I want everyone to dream and achieve their dreams with all the potential they have. What I want is that “YOU” should not be just another person in street; there should be some difference between you and others. Get educated and equip yourself with better tools so that you can conquer the dreams that you dreamt.

I have realized that the dreams that we dream can be fulfilled if we have enough courage and have guts to face the challenges and failures and have an attitude not to quit. Think differently of solving problems.

Enjoy life.


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