Business and Superstitions

Business always brings in superstitions. I have seen that in many cases. Businessmen might not believe in all these superstitions if it had not hampered their business. I have seen many people in business because of these superstitions. A close friend of mine is in business and he always keeps a small white stone in his pocket while going for his business deals. (Strange!!!????)

I was thinking over this and these were some of the questions that I got an answer to a certain extent. How can people be so superstitious when it comes to business? Is it real that things happen that way? Does it really matter? Business requires luck as everyone assumes or feels. I am not against it or with it. I can’t really agree with it since I feel that business is all about hard work.

Let me get to the point. Consider the situation about my friend who does business. He might have had failures in the past and the day he had a white stone in his pocket things might have clicked and he would have felt that it is all because of this white stone which he had. The reasons for the things to click are many like he might have hit the right chord with his customer; the customer must have been impressed with him and many more as one can think of. But for my friend, it was just because of the stone. Since he was all the same in all the previous attempts, nothing clicked and this time things changed as per his will he attributed it to the stone. I feel it is all because of him and his will. But it is difficult to prove certain things in life.

When we start something, it is bound to fail and the passion inside us helps us to keep things in a good shape. It is us who have to be blamed for the success and failure of the business and not some superstitions. I agree you need some luck which you will get if you work hard in life. You don’t have to have some belief other than yourself. I know it is very difficult. When everything goes wrong, we prefer to put the blame on someone else and get away with it. I am not like that and I prefer “YOU” also to be not like that. Accept the failures and face the world.

I don’t think business needs any superstitions if you are honest and smart. There should be a policy of “Live and Let Live”. I know there are many communities in society which flourishes just because of Let live policy. You should be like that. You should help someone to grow and grow yourself.


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