Blog not updated?

Hello All,

These days as have you noticed I haven’t updated blog regularly. That is due to some course that I joined and also due to laziness. I am done with the course and I have gained some knowledge, I hope to use in future.

Work and Blog takes time in life. I never thought blogging can be this addictive.

For those of you who have stayed patient with me, Thanks. I require all the support that you can offer me.

@Anonymous: I remember that I need to write about my views on what I think about good/bad politician. I will surely do it.

@All Readers: I appreciate your efforts for sharing the thoughts with me and also encouraging me to write articles. I shall update the blog regularly from now on. Thanks for your support. Keep Visiting and Share about this blog with your other family members and friends if you think it is worth it.




2 thoughts on “Blog not updated?

  1. Bhaskar says:

    The course gave u a reason for not updating the blog ??..

  2. Saravanan says:


    Course did not give a reason as such.. I am working on other projects and that is taking time.. I will be updating the blog regularly from now on.. Keep visiting..

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