Paycheck is so very important for every person who is in job. The person in job gets the paycheck at the end of every month for the struggle that he has put and the work he has accomplished. The guy who works hard for money eagerly waits for month end to get the paycheck. He will be waiting desperately. The month begins with a nice 4-5 digit salary and by the end of the month it comes 2-3 digit balance. Most of the employees in the firms have a similar lifestyle.

The education system is designed to cater the needs of the employers and not make employers. It is designed to produce employees and not employers. I have seen many parents advice their kid to study hard, get good marks so that he can get a good safe, secure job with a big company. They see the advantage of being in big company like the perks one gets, moving to foreign countries, earning in dollars, nice benefits and all that but what they fail to see is the talent that is present in the kid who has the potential to become an employer.

I was complaining about my low pay to others. I thought I was being exploited by the company since I was paid so low compared to other employees in different companies. I felt very bad about my situation. I was thinking all the time that the company is not fair to me. But the truth is it was my fear that was allowing the company to exploit me. It was not the other way around. None can exploit you until unless you decide to do so. The company will never think of paying more to me since I was not so very confident about myself. When I was not confident about myself, I don’t think I have the right to complain about my low pay. I have realized that more money will never solve the problem, it just increases it.

Fear is the primary emotion that I had when money was concerned. I was afraid to question the company who were paying me less since I was not confident about myself. Once I became confident, the situation was totally different. I have realized that it is the fear that keeps most people working at a job even though they are not happy with it. The fear of not paying bills, being fired and unwilling to learn the new trade are some of the reasons that is more than enough to be in the job. The truth is that most of the people are capable of much more things than being a slave to money.

Working hard at job and waiting for paycheck just makes me feel it is less. I guess it will be the same every time I see a paycheck in my life. It is not because I get less but it is because before I lay my hand on the salary, the government takes its share in the form of taxes, the banks take their share in the form of EMIs and the others like my utility providers take in the form of bills and at last I end up taking my salary. The crazy thing is that government taxes me for the money that I earn and also taxes me for the money that I spend.

Living a life of paycheck to paycheck is not all that great but people just move on. They curse the employers, they curse the job and they are unhappy but still they don’t do anything about it. They wait anxiously till the month end for the paycheck.

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3 thoughts on “Paycheck

  1. Anantha says:

    nice post dude… Line that most appealed to me is ‘Living a life of paycheck to paycheck is not all that great’

  2. Saravanan says:

    Glad you liked it and hope you do something about it if you live a life like that. 🙂

  3. Prashanth says:

    I have been reading your posts from the most recent till here, and this is the post I liked the most when it comes to presenting a theory or an idea.

    It is well balanced, has the right amount of content after the introductory and conclusion paragraphs. Not too long, not too short and most importantly not too abrupt. I am writing this down as I noticed that you’ve been asking opinions about your writing though I havent seen many such comments. You’re doing a great job with the site and I hope you will start writing again, as it seems that you’ve stopped it a while ago.

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