Contest Result

As I had mentioned in my blog about the contest. Now is the time to announce the results.

I have decided to give only one price. The category is for Top Commentator. I thought the contest will bring in many visitors and I realized that I am so wrong. :-(.

The intention of the contest is to make the blog popular, but to be honest with you I have failed miserably. Though I have learnt good things from the contest. I have not met my objective.

Here is the winner : Shashidhar Shenoy. I am an ardent fan of his writing and you can also be one by reading his blog : Mama’s Adda

I know him for quite some time now. He is one of my colleague who sits next to me and he keeps giving me good suggestions and openly says “The article sucks” and finds mistake in them. I am sure that he will be more than happy to receive the prize money. I think he will give the prize money to his dad who runs a School for mentally challenged kids.

I have a request for you Shashi, I want to share this prize money with Sudhix (who is also one of my colleague) who had helped me while i was not able to concentrate on blogging. At times, i used to feel very bad that I am not getting enough audience for my blog. Once Sudhix said that he had started trading and made profit in a short interval of time and he thanked me. It motivated me to write articles regarding the most loved topic of mine “Money”.

The intention of contest is to bring in audience and also help the readers who follow religiously to give them enough knowledge on the various little things that help them in their daily life and start trading.

Shashi, it is your call whether I can share the prize money or not.

Guess, my articles are not good enough to attract the readers. I will strive much harder to give the audience better quality articles.

I would like to thank Anantha and Raj Krishnaswamy for commenting at times. Tess also used to comment but these days I guess she is very busy. If you are reading Tess, comment at least on this post. πŸ™‚

Sorry, I forgot to mention Ravi. He was also giving constructive feedback. Thank you so much bro.

I wish to get more readers to my blog, this is one of my personal goal. I wish I succeed in it. :). If you can help me, I will be glad. Thanks in advance.

Congratulations for the winner. πŸ™‚

Update : I have decided to share the prize money between Shashidhar and Sudhindra.


11 thoughts on “Contest Result

  1. Sudhix says:

    Congrats Shashi.
    @SP : Very nice of u to organise the contest πŸ™‚

    I would say blogs are improving. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  2. Anantha says:

    Congrats Mama.. So where is Shashi Mam giving us the treat..? πŸ™‚

  3. Anantha says:


    I have always liked your enthu to promote and popularize your blog. But I some what felt this idea of a contest would not work… donno why.. but if you ask me any better ideas, apart from blogging sincerely (to attract new readers and to keep the old readers from fleeing), sorry..I’ve no shortcuts!

  4. First of all, thanks a lot for the prize! It was really unexpected and I never thought that an engineer sitting at office and commenting about finance articles could also make money :D… Ah! now I know why this site is called “engineer’s finance” πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for your kind and appreciative words about my blog. But I am sorry if you thought I kept pointing at your mistakes. It was done only with an intention of letting you know some flaws offline before many people would read them. It is to be taken as constructive feedback and not in any other sense

    I never commented on your posts for the sake of prize money (although I used to joke about it :)). I was proud that someone in our group (a group of lazy engineers, if you can call it) was writing articles about finance. Your articles made proper sense (or came close to it) so I wanted to let you know what I felt about them. Thus, it is completely your call on how you want to distribute the money. If you feel that these contests have not made you achieve your goal of popularizing this page, then it is ok even if you dont give me any money. I am just happy for the fact that you mentioned my name in your post.

    I have already given you a lot of feedback on your site. I still have a lot of ideas on how you can make this a very popular blog. Since we sit next to other, let us talk offline about this and spare people the agony πŸ™‚ Keep continuing the good work, sir. All the best πŸ™‚

  5. Bidhan says:

    There is nothing to be disheartened …I read somewhere that 90% of the people are blog readers and 10% may are the contributors least you should feel happy that you fall under that 10% category …Like yourself realize that you need to write quality article but at the same time your article needs to give people reasons to discuss and comment …the area in which you write is interesting but then it’s like ‘dal mein tadka nahin hai’ πŸ™‚ …my suggestion is to do more research bring something to the table which is not easily available and I am sure that sooner or later u will have followers …atb

  6. Bidhan says:

    basically I am writing comments so that I get the money next time ..and damn you if you do not give or share with somebody else πŸ™‚

  7. Tess says:

    Guilty as charged! I’ve been a bit off the blog circuit lately!

    However I do read most of your articles, well written as well as the slightly iffy ones πŸ™‚ The topic is definitely something I could do with reading, and so I do hope you keep up the good work!

  8. Saravanan says:

    @Sudhix : Thank you so much.

    @Anantha : True, you are absolutely right bro. Thanks a bunch for your words. I agree with you, there are no short cuts. The contest was more like an incentive and not salary. πŸ™‚

    @Shashi : Congrats once again. Whatever you say i have taken in the right spirits and have corrected my mistakes and i do take your criticism to improve my strength and i have never felt disheartened because of it and more over i ensure that i dont repeat similar mistakes.

    @Bidhan : Bro, you have helped me long way and if it was not you i would not have realized many things about money. Thanks a ton for being with me and guiding me. I will be glad to give you the prize anyday.

    @Tess : I hope you read it more regularly and comment on it. πŸ™‚

  9. Sudhix says:

    Just an update. SP (as thats his nice name) has decided to give the prize money to both. Thanks for the same from both and continue the good articles.

  10. Saravanan says:

    @Sudhix : It was pleasure bro.. Hope you learn something out of this blog and share it with others.

  11. Really interesting and useful Thanks

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