Can I become A Millionaire?

I have asked this question to myself many a times. When I was a kid, I was asked by my teacher what would I want to become in the future and I remember telling her that I want to become a billionaire. She asked me, “Why do you want to become a billionaire?” I answered her that, I want to help the poor people. I have realized that you don’t have to have money to help poor people but I surely want to become a billionaire.

Is it that only certain people can become a millionaire? The answer is no. Every one of us has the capability to become one. You need not be of a particular race, color or creed and you don’t need fancy educational degrees to become a millionaire. It is not that only millionaire’s kid can become a millionaire. I don’t definitely agree with this. It might help to become one to a certain extent but it is not the sole reason.

When I see a rich person I ask myself the following question. I got good grades when I was in school, college. I got a bachelor’s degree, can get a master’s degree. I am working in a good Multi National Company and I do work hard, earn a nice salary and why am I not getting rich? The answer is that, even though I got good marks, I am working in a good company and though drawing a nice salary. I am living a life of rat race. I earn the same amount of money every month and pay the same amount of money to banks and other liabilities. If I start earning more, I ensure that I increase my liabilities as well. Studying hard and working hard does not ensure me that I have the skills of making money. Making money is not rocket science but not many know how to do that, if they do then they don’t like sharing it with others. Even if they do then it is not possible for all of us to replicate it.

Money making is a skill and the schools don’t teach them. It is just like cooking food. It might seem a daunting task but it is easy. The Indian school system does not help you become a millionaire but it ensures that you make your boss a millionaire. The schools are a place where an employee is born and not a boss. We all are trained to become an employee and make the bosses very rich and keep them happy and we are not taught how to be a wealthy individual but instead a person who can work for wages.

The reason because some people are boss and others are employees in their company is because of their thinking. The thoughts, actions and decisions that create the financial results are in the favor of a person who is willing to take risks and enjoys failure as much as success. If you have very little money today, it is because of the poor thoughts and actions you have had in the past. People who make millions have different patterns of thinking and behaviors. If you keep thinking and doing things the same way, your financial situation will stay the same. To truly change your financial situation, you have to change your thoughts and develop new skills.

You have to work hard to change your thinking and act upon it to make the new beginning. Wishing you all the best to change the way you think. 🙂

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One thought on “Can I become A Millionaire?

  1. Hi sir,

    I remember reading a similar article some time back on your blog. Maybe it was when you were on blogspot. But nevertheless, it is the same thing you have told many times.

    I guess what people look for in your blog is some weighty stuff/tips on how to improve their financial status, and not some stuff about improving their thinking.
    BTW, the penultimate paragraph is redundant as the summary follows immediately 🙂

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