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A valuable lesson from Toyota

I read this amazing article.. Just read on.. It will be a pleasure..


What Toyota knows that GM doesn’t?

Do you know how many hourly jobs GM has laid off from 2006 to July 2008? Take a guess. How about 34,000? And now, they’re talking about another 5,500 layoffs. And now they’re asking you and your government for a bailout to end their troubled, outdated, low quality, wasteful production system. But, let’s not focus on fixing GM’s problems with an infusion of cash. There’s something even deeper going on here that’s really wrong. Continue reading


Being More Productive at Work

At times work can get boring. Doing the same stuff again and again can cause you to be absent minded and lethargic. This might not be intentional but it can happen. You try to become more productive and without your notice life becomes a series of to-do lists. I became addicted to this to-do list without my knowledge. My productivity has been gauged on how much I accomplish daily my list. This is not a good way to determine my productivity but that is how life has become.

Being addicted to to-do list has become the chore of work life. At times work is not something that I enjoy to do and rather becomes just a list to be over with and get back home. At times completing the list makes me happy but that does not satisfy my hunger for being productive. It is not a good sign moving forward. Continue reading

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