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Happy Independence Day

I wish all the Indians around the world a Very Happy Independence Day. Today India celebrates her 63rd Independence Day and I am very proud about it. I know many people around the world have some hatred towards India but the truth is, India is the only country in the world which has never invaded. We are the leaders in everything and we will be super power.

Proud to be INDIAN.

Jai Hind.

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TATA Sons and their Business

TATA Sons are the biggest business barons in India. But they are not in the list of Forbes billionaires list. I am surprised about this finding of mine. I was looking into the Forbes Billionaires list the other day and the best of business barons were in the list. Most of them made piles of money with their Technology business and rest of them inherited. TATA is the biggest brand and most trusted brand in India. They were into business from a very long time. Continue reading

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