It is very important to save up. If you plan to accumulate wealth you should do either of the following, spend little or earn more or save more.

We generally lack the habit of saving it is not that we don’t wish to save but somehow we don’t. This is mainly because we don’t focus on any short term or long term goals. If we do then we do save up money.
My friends were major spend thrifts, but the moment they realized that they wanted to do their MS in US without much financial support, their spending habits changed saving habit improved drastically. Their short term goal was to save up as much as they can so that they can have minimum amount to borrow from the banks for their education. But I never bothered about saving and I was spending as usual without any worries.

I am sure most of us don’t plan up anything. Just make up your mind to save up 20 – 40 % of your Income in a year. Don’t plan anything, just have in mind that you should save up this much amount per month and at last you might use it up for some good cause than you spending it away on useless stuff.

Since we don’t have discipline in savings. It is not a habit for us. We keep savings as our last priority in life. For us paying bill is more important than saving for ourselves hence we don’t save up any money.
I have a simple solution for this : I know that we can’t save up anything for ourselves by ourselves so better provide that job to someone else. How? Make sure you are forced to pay as a bill to your dad or mum or bank whichever you think is feasible and if you don’t give them that amount per month then you will be fined. If you think in these terms I am sure you will save up a descent amount of money at the end of the year which you can invest later.

How I Do?? Honestly I am pretty weak in this area and am still working hard. I want to save up as much as I can but I am not able to due to my stupid spending habits. I have started putting a check on my spending
habits and I have improved these days and I am giving money to my dad to save up for me (Not a big amount). I believe in “Small drops of water make a mighty Ocean”. Right??

If I get better idea I will keep you informed.


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