Financial Goal – 2nd Week

Sorry friends, I could not update the blog regularly as I was unwell. Bangalore’s weather is changing and it is causing me too much of a trouble. I had cold and fever. Now I am fine and back to business.

I have a good news to share!!

I have made Rs.200 as profit after the brokerages and everything. I am really happy that I have started my profits. It is really very challenging to make 1000% profit and I am into making it possible.

Couple of my friends were of the notion that I am dreaming and not thinking practically. I too know that and I want to follow my dreams. If we have always achievable dreams then we wont try hard or do something extraordinary. I too know what my dream is. I wish whoever reads my blog will support me in this.

Thanks for those who supported me in this goal. I appreciate it.


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