Why should you read my blog?

I had a discussion with one of my pal whom I had asked (forced) to read my blog. He is younger to me by couple of years. He was telling me that he is gaining interest in reading it and he also wants to blog his technical ideas. I was very happy.

All that I want to achieve from my blog is people should read my blog and understand the information which I want to share. I will not advice people regarding how they should financially act, all that I want to provide is some good piece of information which I collected with difficulty and my personal experiences where I made blunders. I want readers of my blog to be financially literate.

When I spoke to my friends regarding financial literacy. I got to know that not many people have. They just earn and spend. No goals nothing. It is not a good sign going forward. People should be very clear regarding their finances otherwise it will be very difficult. I wish to provide some insight to things which we overlook otherwise.

Generally Software engineers are all same. We don’t really try to get all the relevant information regarding the financial instruments, we either go by word of mouth or by some agent who convinces us. I just want to know how many people have asked details regarding the Mutual Funds that they have invested in. Do we really know who is the fund manager? Do we know his track record? Where does he invest our money in? How can our money grow? Anything????
We know nothing and we don’t even care to know anything. All that we want is some mutual fund and tax benefit for it. This is life. I want to change this scenario. Software engineers should not be an easy target to all these people, we are just a group of people who will buy anything in market without thinking much. Software engineers should be financially literate.

At least 100 people have changed their financial thinking after reading my blog. This is my goal to achieve and I am sure I will do it.


2 thoughts on “Why should you read my blog?

  1. Tess says:

    Nice new look! 🙂

    Well its a worthy cause, and I agree most of us are like that ( speaking for myself , I know I am!) Maybe I’ll change, and your blog would have been one of the sparks!

  2. Saravanan says:

    Hey Tess..

    I have embarked on this journey. Hope I make a difference in the way the readers of this blog think financially. My intention of educating readers financially is a good cause for me but …. Hope it does not fall on deaf ears and many people do read the same.

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