India and her 61 years of freedom

Dear Indian all over the world,

I wish you all a Very Happy Independence Day.

I was just thinking about our independence and how we got it. Today most of us have celebrated Indian Independence.

I agree we are not as good as other nations but still I love my nation. I know that India is still a developing nation and we are making millions of mistakes. We all fall that is part of the game, only thing that is important is how soon we get up after falling. I am sure India and Indians don’t just keep falling or lie there only, after falling but in fact get up as soon as possible and move on with life. This is what it makes things wonderful.

Some issues do bother me and I do think about it such as politics, infrastructure, people and their welfare, nation’s security, terrorism, inflation and all other issues that bothers you as well. But I see this as a challenge for the nation to become a super power in the coming few years. I am sure every country which is super power today would have struggled to become one by undergoing various problems. We might not look into it in very detail but that is the truth. History is always written in such a way that it does not mention much about the sufferings and pain, it projects only the joy. I am sure that this is not the truth. No nation can claim to be prosperous without undergoing toil.

We should be proud of India for its achievement. Agreed that we are not doing great progress but we are in the right direction. I am proud to be an Indian any day. I am sure we will be a Super Power in just few years and will be self sufficient and also provide goods for other nations to help them. I always believe in sharing. The more we share, the more we obtain. This is what I have learnt and I practice the same.

Be PROUD to be an INDIAN.

JAI HIND! Vande Mataram.


2 thoughts on “India and her 61 years of freedom

  1. Nice Article sir!
    Belated wishes of the Independence day to you. The issues that you have discussed are quite relevant at this point for a nation which is looking to be a super-power

    Just one clarification though – “the more we share the more we obtain” does it mean we should share what we have with other nations or between ourselves in the nation?

  2. Saravanan says:


    I meant sharing between good willed nations and also among ourselves. We generally share among states and districts within our country, though sometimes we fight for it. But that is part of the game. It is just that we are all possessive about what we have. 🙂

    Long live India..

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