Many Silent Visitors – From different Countries

Hello Friends,

My intension of writing articles in this blog is not very specific to only Indians. I wish to share what I have learnt from investing, saving in short playing around with my hard earned money. The concepts which I share in this blog should be more or less helpful to people from different countries. But since I know nothing about other countries other than India, I can hardly comment or say something specific about it. (Sorry for it :(.. ) I will try to write more articles which is not country specific in the topics related to investment, stock market and others.

I would appreciate if you drop a word or two about my blog. It gives me immense pleasure to know that people from different parts of world actually read my blog and I hope some day or the other I will bring about a change in their financial thinking. I am sure I will achieve it.

Once again, Thanks for all my readers who read it regularly and encourage me with their kind words. You guys rock. Keep Visiting. Feel free to ask questions or suggest topics which you want to hear from me. I will do my best.



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