Earn More???

I was reading this article on rediff.com. I don’t understand what rediff wants to achieve by posting these kind of articles.

The article says to beat inflation, a person has to increase his income. Nothing is clear in that article. All that I could make out is rediff is churning out articles just because it has to. It does not say how to beat inflation or how to increase income. It says increase your income so that you can beat inflation. I am sure whoever read it would have thought what is this all about.

Increasing the income, rather than decreasing the expenditure

But increasing the income is not as simple as said or imagined. Slogging in a day job really pulls out the energy one has and then coming back home and doing something else really needs that extra energy which many lack. But if one has the passion to do a part time job and earn more than the expenses incurred it will be great. To do that one should have clear path and will to dedicate time to do something other than the day job. It is tiring and asks for dedication. If you have it in you then do it.

Increasing income is a very good option for all of us. How can we do that? The simplest way of increasing your income is investing. Investing ensures that your money works for you and you need not work hard for money. There are various investment vehicles that can help you to build up your income.

For eg: having a steady cash flow into your account through investments such as real estate; owning a house and getting rent. This will always give a positive cash flow. Think of such investments where you need not worry about anything else that you can’t control. Ensure you have positive cash flow without working hard for money.

You can beat Inflation, Recession and all that if you take your financial future in your hands.


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