Act of Random Kindness

Act of Random Kindness

According to “Kind” means “of a good or benevolent nature or disposition”.

Being kind to others is very difficult. I have witnessed many incidents and I have felt I am not kind to fellow human beings. Why do I behave like this? I have pondered over this question a million of times and I don’t have any specific answer.

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

– Dalai Lama

Kindness can be shown only by humans who are supposed to have six senses when compared to any other forms of life that exist on earth. But honestly I feel that sometimes animals are kind towards humans than humans being kind to fellow human beings. These days I find hardly people thinking about others and their welfare. They can’t be kind to others. If they see someone suffering they assume million things and don’t really care about anything and leave it right there and then. Do these acts of human’s make them human? I doubt. It is really very difficult to be kind in today’s world. Most of us are very selfish and think only about our welfare. Why is it so? Can’t we ever think of others? I guess the answer is “YES”.

Kindness differentiates humans from other living organisms that exist. There are millions of ways to show kindness to others. Smiling at others is just one of them. We can’t expect drastic things over night but we can definitely make an attempt to show kindness towards others.

These are just few of things that came to my mind right at this instant.

Help a person cross a busy street by holding his hand.

Get a meal to a beggar.

Provide eatables to the kids that play around.

Visit a park and help the kids enjoy the games. Sponsor few of them if it costs.

Drop the kids to school on your way to your office. (I do this whenever I get a chance).

Provide a nice cloth to someone who does not have.

Visit a nearby government school and help them financially if required.

Help your neighbor in their chores without expecting them to do the same to you.

If you provide services for a cost, once in a while provide the same for free to someone.

Hold the door open for the other person when they are about to enter/exit.


Kindness is a great virtue. I have tried to be kind to others but it is difficult for me. I can be kind to the person who is kind to me but not otherwise. I know it is not a good thing or right thing to do. I am learning to show kindness to others even when they are not kind to me. I am pretty young and I think I will be successful in that in the coming few years. I make a conscious effort daily to be kind to some person or the other in whatever small possible way. It makes me feel somewhat different. I do get some happiness at times seeing those kind hearted people. It is a great gesture of a fellow human being to share it with others. Everyone should be kind to others.

Be kind and help others. Lead a happy life.


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