Movie Review – Rock On!!!

I watched Rock On today. Here are my views about the movie.

Rock on is Dil Chahta Hai – Part 2. Again there are four friends, rifts between them separates the four and they unite, just like DCH where there are three friends rifts separates them and at last the three end up together. πŸ™‚

Rock On starts with a bang… Nice loud music from the start. The music was pretty descent through out the movie. Thanks to Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. I loved the way the story is told. It is kinda Jig-Saw puzzle. Everything fits in as and when the story moves on. Lovely narration, kudos to the director. I don’t remember any movie with similar story telling. (I know I have a bad memory, sorry if i missed something..).

The Characters:

I loved Shahana Goswami as Arjun’s Wife. She is cute. She has done her acting well. A good girl friend and a caring wife. Prachi Desai was also good. I liked Shahana more than Prachi on Screen. Arjun, Purab, Luke and Farhan are good with their acting. They have done their job. I did like Farhan and Arjun at times with their acting. Arjun has acted in quite a few movies and I think he knows to emote better than others. Farhan since it is his debut I would like to appreciate his efforts.

The Story:

Life pushes you hard to follow your dreams and it is up to you to follow it with courage. Most of us don’t and that is the story. It is about the dreams of four guys who wish to become a successful rock band and end up in not becoming one!! The four guys choose their own path in life to become a routine machine to earn and lead a life. They are busy with their lives and don’t care much about their dream and lead a mechanical life. Prachi who plays Farhan’s wife is not happy with her hubby’s mechanical life and she wishes to do something about it and as a matter of coincidence gets to know that her hubby was a poet and he was a good singer and he was a part of the Rock Band called Magik!! (Wow, that is really strange since they are married for four years and she did not find such a thing till then.. Indian cinema happens.. I hate such stupid things..) She wants to see her hubby happy so she thinks bringing back these friends would make her mechanical hubby a happy hubby.

Things with Magik went wrong because of the Ego clashes between Farhan and Arjun. I really can’t accept this fact. I too have friends and we do fight but we don’t just give up. BTW, Farhan is the lead Singer, Arjun plays the guitar, Luke plays keyboard and Purab plays Drums. Anyways things aside, the band participates in a talent hunt and wins it. They are provided with the opportunity of making an album and a video for their song. Suddenly the main singer is given all importance and that irks the other guys but Arjun can’t bear it at all and bursts and that ends the band. (Sad Ending.. I know!!)

Due to the Prachi’s efforts the guys meet up and form a band again, start practicing and again they enter a talent hunt show to showcase their talent. Meanwhile, they get to know that Luke is suffering from a brain cancer.. They make it to the Talent hunt and the band performs for the last time and they all start a leading a good life. πŸ™‚

Things I did not like:

1. How come Prachi gets to know about the band – Magik after four years?

2. How can a small fight lead to such a big clash between good friends?

3. Won’t the friends even try to meet up after a fight?

4. Why should Luke get brain cancer?

5. Can Farhan dump his so called girl friend over a rift with other friends?

My Verdict:

Go Watch the movie, It is worth it!!


4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Rock On!!!

  1. Anantha says:

    Im yet to watch the movie.. May be Ill comment on the movie once i watch it.

    But a point to put across, “How can a small fight lead to such a big clash between good friends?…”

    happens bro.. I LIVE this example 😦

  2. Saravanan says:

    @Anantha :

    Oh God!! What is wrong with you bro.. ?
    Just a suggestion : Make it up buddy, I don’t know whose mistake was it and all that. But honestly, make an attempt and try to forgive buddy. Move on. Life is not worth living with grudges. Enjoy life!!

  3. Shashi says:

    “Why should Luke get brain cancer?”
    Why should he not get it? it is all a part of the story na. In that way you could ask, why this movie had to be made in the first place πŸ™‚

    BTW, I have not seen the movie. I dint even know it got released. Had no plans of watching in near future. But since you sugeested its good, lets see – i might end up watching it πŸ™‚

  4. Anantha says:


    Ill try to answer your questions [no answer is right or wrong for these kind of questions, Im just writing on the basis of my interpretation of the movie].

    1. How come Prachi gets to know about the band – Magik after four years?
    By chance.. yes just by chance πŸ™‚

    2. How can a small fight lead to such a big clash between good friends?
    Happens bro.. taming one’s ego is not an easy job.. After all the reason for brawl was not a small thing. It was associated with their passion for music right..?

    3. Won’t the friends even try to meet up after a fight?
    Rob says to KD that he happened to met Joe few months before the re-union. If you ask, ‘dint they try putting an effort in patching up..?’ my answer is again the same.. taming one’s ego is not an easy job

    4. Why should Luke get brain cancer?
    Rob getting brain cancer is an attempt to say to the audience that there is a price for everything. Rob’s life was the price Magik had to pay for the re-union. Also a way to depict the uncertainties life throws at us.

    5. Can Farhan dump his so called girl friend over a rift with other friends?
    Now this is a tricky one! See AFAIK and believe and have experienced, many of us are not good at dealing with our own emotions. Aaditya was one such ordinary person. He dumped Tanya just because he wanted to cut off every possible relationship with the other band members, and Tanya was always an associate of the band…

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