Face the Hurdles

Goals are the dreams with deadlines. Not many dream and not many achieve. The dreams don’t become a reality and that is not because of anyone else but oneself. We really can’t blame someone else for our failures. It is ourselves who are responsible for it. We take the eyes off from our goals and start concentrating on the hurdles. This is not the way to pursue your goal.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

— Henry Ford

The intension of having a “Goal” is to make the dream a reality. Whatever is the dream, one can achieve it and it is not impossible. The greatest hurdle for any dream is oneself and his low self confidence. If you yourself can’t visualize the victory then it is very difficult for others to believe that you can do it. Dreams are not all that difficult to be made a reality. It requires strong will and belief in yourself that you can do it.

Every greatest feat in the world was impossible to most of them but it was possible for few of them and the world today thinks that it was not impossible since he did that. If you are one of them to think that way then it is really worth reading it further. It is the conviction to succeed makes an individual different from the rest of the millions. They achieve what they planned to do and they do it. They don’t divert from their goal. They focus their positive energy towards the goal with all their might. They never think of failing, even if they did fail then they change the path and move towards the goal that they have. The more one starts thinking of obstacles it is very difficult to achieve the goal. Rather than focusing on the goal the obstacles becomes the prime focus when you take your eyes off the goal. It is very natural to find the pits during your journey but what matters most is how you get up and move on towards the goal rather than cribbing about the pit.

Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.

~Doug Larson

Life becomes more challenging when you are pursuing a goal that is very hard to achieve isn’t that the fun in life. If we do things just like others then we will also be like others. The Goal of Mahatma was “Complete Freedom to Indians” from the British Rule and he never took his eyes of the goal. I am sure not many had the courage to face the hurdles just like the way he did. He did meet hundreds and thousands of obstacles but he never bothered about it. He might have failed at times but he overcame all those failures. To achieve something impossible one needs toughness in mind.

When going gets tough; the tough gets going.

Nothing is impossible in this world. You can do anything you really want to. When you face loads of hurdles and feel like giving up. Don’t just give up. Stay in the game. Tell someone who is very close to your heart about your goal and ask them not to let you down when you are down. I know at times everyone feels like giving up but just hold on. Keep motivating yourself to reach your goal. Appreciate yourself every time you cross the hurdle and move closer to your goal. It will be great fun to see your dream becoming a reality. It is always good to be with one who is full of positive energy and positive thoughts. It helps in a great way. Many people just see the bad things and very few see the good things in life. It is wonderful to be with such good people. Be positive in life and am sure you can achieve your goal.

Hurdles have to be faced in order to achieve the “Goal”. Nature tests you how badly you want the “Goal to be accomplished” and don’t just give up. Hurdles are just tests that have to be faced in order to make your dream a reality.


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