Urge to Spend More?

Do you often shop? Do you spend more than your income? Are you habituated to spend more? Do you have an urge to spend often? If you have answered to either of the questions as “YES” then this is for you. Read on.

I was spending like crazy once I started earning. Before I was working, I hardly spent money. I used to always think how come I started spending too much. Then I figured the answer that I earn more so I spend more. If I don’t earn more won’t I spend that much? I really don’t know. I am used to spending these days I can hardly say anything about it. But I think the truth is most of us are spend thrifts. It is not a great sign for being financially free. Whenever I spend money I never bother much about anything else other than pleasing myself. It is just for an instant and later sometimes I repent for what I did (Buying a worthless DVD!). I was just looking at the things I did and was not so happy with myself. I decided to stop myself from doing such things and I am on my way successfully in achieving it.

How to stop spending?

I did not exactly plan it. It was more of a daily process for me. I worked hard to stop it and I have achieved a fair amount of success. This is what I did to stop my spending and if you wish to stop spending then I think these will be good pointers to you as well.

No Money:

I created an artificial scarcity of money for myself. Whenever I used to go out, I did not carry much cash and also stopped carrying my credit card and debit card. So when I went to shop for window shopping, I just did that since I did not have money to spend. This was a very good move for me. When I did not have enough money I gradually decreased dining at hotels and coffee days and other places where I used to visit often. Whenever I wanted to go to some place then accordingly I used to keep the cash in my wallet. The time you start thinking you don’t have enough money I am sure you won’t spend like how you were spending. It did work for me and I am sure it will work for you as well.

Divert your attention:

When you have an urge to buy something that is not worth it then try to divert your attention. This is not really very easy to follow but making a conscious effort will help. Whenever I wanted to buy movies I used to buy on impulse and later regret about it. So I started diverting my attention towards something else in the store rather than the DVDs. Sometimes I used to go stare at large LCDs which I know I can’t buy at that very instantJ. It helped me. I stopped buying things to certain extent. I am no Mr.Perfect, so once in a while I do buy stuff on impulse but the frequency is less. I am happy about it. Diverting your attention whenever you can will help you in many ways.

Don’t Buy on Impulse:

This was really very difficult for me. I was not so very keen to do it but I made an attempt to do it and I could successfully do it. Whenever I wanted to buy something, I made a mental note of it, diverted my attention for that instant and later after reaching home made an entry in my book. When I went to store again and if I felt like buying that same thing then I would make an entry in my book. I kept the waiting period as 30 days. This was to test me to ensure that whether I really wanted that thing or not. Within this thirty days if I don’t feel like buying it then I would just erase the thing from my book and not bother about it or if I felt like buying it then I will go ahead and buy it and strike the thing from my book.

I don’t know how many of you buy things or spend lavishly. But whoever does that please bear in mind only one thing, is it necessary or not? Most of the time the answer is “NO”. It is better not to spend more rather I would suggest you to plan and spend. If you plan and spend then I am sure you won’t have much trouble with your finances.


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