Trekking to Siddaganga hills – Part I

27th Sep 2008, 5.25 a.m.

My alarm rings and I get up from bed enthusiastically. I check my mobile and I have got a message from my colleague as my wake up message. I did not have time to reply back and went to my daily chores. I get ready by 5.50am and give a call to my colleague who had given me 7 calls from 5.30 to 5.45am. I pack my bag with 2 liters of water and leave my home to get the cab.

6.00 am

I go to my stop and call up the cab driver and driver says he will be there in ten minutes. (The plan was to go from my place and pick up all the colleagues on the way and we were schedule to start at 6 am sharp) I wait patiently till 6.15 and then call him again and he says he will give a call in 5 minutes. I wait for his call but he never calls meanwhile my other colleagues started their inquiry session with me. I called him at 6.25 only to know that he is not coming and some other guy is coming over. I was losing my temper but kept cool and got the mobile number of other driver and called him. He said he will be near the stop as planned in another ten minutes. I waited patiently and answering calls in between. After fifteen minutes he calls up and says he is not coming over and says some other driver is coming and gives me his number. I was so furious but had no option. I called up the other driver and he said he will come over in another ten minutes. I waited patiently and cab did come after fifteen minutes.

7.00 am

I start my journey to Siddaganga hills. The cab that was booked was good. It was comfortable and it was not dusty. The travels people had maintained it very well. I call my other colleagues and inform the same and tell them that I am on the way and asked him to wait at his stop. We start moving around Bangalore, picking up others and reach the NH4 by 9.45 am thanks to Bangalore traffic and the driver. The driver was way too slow for a Bangalore driver’s standard. He was not even keen on pressing the accelerator and I did not bother much. I did not have anything from morning and I was so damn hungry by now. Meanwhile my other colleagues had got some snacks and I was busy munching it. The TREK LEAD was the last to hop in and the moment he hops in he waits for some time, speaks to driver and settles down and comes back and starts announcing about how to behave (Yes, he did that!!) and usual take care stuff. Thankfully I called up the TL (TREK LEAD) and asked him to get me breakfast and he did get breakfast and many people who had breakfast by then also had with the guys who did not have.

10 am

We are on our way to Siddagange betta (Siddaganga hills). TL plans to have teams and 15 people are divided into two teams with one Joker (ooops… Moderator). We start playing Dumb Sharaz and bollywood names is the theme. I was in Team A and Team B had really smart guys. I was given to enact DDLJ and thankfully my team mate guessed in two actions of mine. He is super brilliant. J. It was rocking as there were many guesses and we had fun. Team B had no difficulty in guessing the names. Team A got one tough name to enact “Shaurya”. It was not easy and we failed to guess the nameL. I was asked to enact “GARDISH”. Oh god, I did not know how to do that, I had never heard of it. Gardish means downfall it seems. I somehow enacted it but the brilliant people saved my face by correctly guessing it. It was fun.


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