Trekking to Siddaganga hills – Part II

Please read the previous part before this part.

11.30 am

We reach the destination. Siddagange betta is in Kyatsandra. We plan to have some food and pack some food and start our trekking. I had masala dosa and appy (Apple juice) to start the trek. TL packs loads of idli and we are on the way to start the trek.

12.00 pm

Trekking starts. We start the trek with photos. We had many professional photographers with high end cameras and they were busy with the photo sessions. I was very happy that after a long time I am on a trek. The last I went for a trek was two years ago with my friends who are all in US right now. I was looking forward to go for trek for a long time and this was perfect for me. I go along with everyone for some 200 meters in the beginning. There were two paths and I had chosen one and none of my colleagues thankfully came behind me. I missed being together but I had all the fun of climbing the hill. It had no path and I had to make my own path to get on top of the hill. I was just climbing the hill without thinking about my other colleagues. I am sure they all would have had great fun being together, I missed it but I had the pleasure of exploring my way. It was real fun. I started walking briskly wherever I could find no bushes and rocks. When I encountered a rock I used to slow down. Rock climbing was not new to me but I had not done it for a long time now. So I thought I shall take it lightly. I went considerable distance and none were close to me and my TL had warned us in cab only that we should be in a group. It is not that I did not listen to him; I was in my own world to reach at the top soon. From somewhere I heard TL screaming my name to go slow and not to be in a hurry. That was the first time I stopped after about 15 minutes of climbing. I started looking out for them but I could not locate anyone. I just sat near a rock was admiring the nearby flower. I could spot couple of my colleagues. I was happy then again I started my journey to the top. It was really great.

1 pm

I had real hard time climbing the rocks and making way to reach top. There was no path and I was making one. I was scared about snakes but I told myself not to worry as there are only 5 venomous snakes in India and if I was destined to die there then nothing could really stop meJ. I was really scared after reaching a certain distance. I did not know how to go about and far away I saw a guy in one of the rocks. I told myself I can’t back out and I need to go further ahead no matter what. It was all bushy and I managed to break couple of plants (I felt sorry for that, but could not help it). I went ahead and now I had a major task, there was one rock which was not surrounded by any plants and the burden of carrying 5 liters of water and couple of idli packs was killing me. I did not know what to do now. I thought for couple of minutes and then I decided to throw my bag away on top and then climb the rock, but I thought I should not do that for a couple of reasons, one what if the water bottle breaks and other what if the idli packet gets jammed. The thoughts stopped me from doing that act. I cautiously climbed the rock and went ahead, after climbing I was really very happy, I did not know why I was so happy. Then I went ahead and I could not go further ahead. I saw the guy on the other rock waving at someone, I was not sure whether he was waving at me or signaling me or something but something told me to stop and get back as I thought this was not the way. I got down couple of meters and took shelter at a bush. It was relaxing and I must have slept off for couple of minutes or so. I heard one of my colleagues call out my name and I woke up and signaled him that I am fine. He called out my name couple of times more and asked me to go up once near him and I did that promptly. I was surprised to see the guy who was on the rock far away to be with my colleague. He told me that I was going on the wrong path and I would not reach the top easily if I had continued the same path and he was astonished to see that I was alone and doing things which he did not dare to do. (I came to know later that he was also afraid of snakesJ). The guy whom I saw on the rocks became the guide for rest of us from then on.


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