How to Spend Less in Supermarket

When I go for shopping I do end up paying more than what I had planned to do. I thought these are things that I do, probably you may also. It is better I share these with you so that you make a conscious effort not to spend more.

Always keep a list of things to buy:

You don’t go shopping without a list. It is always good. If you have a list then I am sure you won’t forget anything and also you won’t buy things that you don’t require. If you are single then I am sure that it won’t be a big hurdle but if you are married then these small things do make a big difference in long run. These are the small drops that are going to make a big ocean. If you have a proper budget then I am sure that you will buy only essential things since you would have planned up everything but I am sure you are into budgeting seriously. Don’t shop without a LIST.

Don’t bother to touch things that you don’t want:

It is very common to notice people do window shopping. I have many times done this and I am sure that it is one of the worst habits that one can cultivate. I go to shop for pencil and keep checking some notebooks and I end up buying notebook for no reason. I don’t know why have I done that but honestly I have done similar things many times. It is not a good sign for all of you also. It is better you don’t touch things you don’t want else you will end up buying something.

Don’t try samples:

It is a marketing technique that I have observed in the supermarkets. They say try this sample and that sample and we try it. Most of the times we don’t really like the sample, but if the salesperson is a girl and you are a guy who is trying the sample then the chances of you buying that product is much higher than without trying the sample. If you genuinely like the sample then go ahead and buy it. I have noticed that only new products from very costly brands that are launched come up with this sample technique. It is better to refrain from trying samples.

Avoid advertising:

Don’t keep checking the recent ads. The ads are the biggest friends for spending. They encourage you big time to shop and get into debt. It is better you avoid the ads.

Don’t take baskets into supermarket:

Supermarket are the places where you can spend more and more since you have many choices and the baskets and shopping carts actually add to your spending spree. You must have observed that whenever you have a basket or shopping cart the items just fill till the brim. You will not buy only the essential items but also other items that are not absolutely necessary. I had read in one of the survey that people with shopping carts and baskets shop more than the people who don’t carry either. You must also have noticed that in some shops they keep only shopping cart and they remove the baskets even. Since the supermarket managers know exactly that shopping cart helps them to sell more.

Spend little time in the stores:

Don’t browse through the products instead shop with a purpose. If you plan to buy a wallet from the store then make sure you buy only a wallet and not wallet and also a bag. The time you spend in the stores and malls determine how much you will be spending. It is always better to spend less time in the stores.

Last but not least: Don’t go for shopping. I know it is very obvious but true.


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