Financial Goal – 8th and 9th Week

I was on a vacation hence I could not update my blog. I am back in business after a week of relaxation. 🙂

Week 8 was not a good one. Things were really bad and I did not remove the money from market and week 9 seems to be good and I checked my share’s status and found that there is nothing significant that has happened. My shares are still in red. 😦

I really don’t know when things will get back. Most of the investors are not sure what they are doing. There is herd following behavior in investors which is very disappointing for me but I guess that is how the markets work. I don’t think it is easy to predict the behavior of the herd for immediate gains. I just hope that things really go well in the near future and if not rally like previous market scenarios, at least appreciate slowly and steadily.


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