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Financial Goal – Week 11

Things are not so very good. I really don’t know how to handle the mess. I don’t wish to get out of market, if I did then I would incur pretty heavy losses. The thing of solace is that, I have not yet made any loss on the principal. I am still having the principal with me. The gains that I had have started eroding. It is not a good sign but still things does look bleak.

I am just hoping that things will get better and better in the days to come..


Financial Goal – Week 10

This week, I did not move my funds or change the status of the stocks. Whatever I bought couple of weeks back have been stuck with me and I really don’t know whether to sell them or hold on to them. Things look bleak. I think I am not hitting something right. I am making mistakes and I know that very well. Hope I get things back to place. I don’t wish to lose my principal amount anytime during the game. Even if I don’t win it is fine, but I don’t wish to lose the game.


Financial Goal โ€“ 8th and 9th Week

I was on a vacation hence I could not update my blog. I am back in business after a week of relaxation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Week 8 was not a good one. Things were really bad and I did not remove the money from market and week 9 seems to be good and I checked my shareโ€™s status and found that there is nothing significant that has happened. My shares are still in red. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Continue reading


Financial Goal – 7th Week

Oh God.. What a week it was! Investors lost crores and crores and I was no exception. I was seriously worried with my money. I never expected that market will go so low.

On Monday Oct 13 markets opened at 10874. It closed at 11309.

I thought markets are getting back due to various reasons like RBI infusing loads of funds into the financial system, US bailing out the banking system by providing more than 700 billion dollars. I was thinking things might go fine. I bought shares on Tuesday. Things were seeming bright.

On Tuesday Oct 14 markets opened much higher at 11777. It closed at 11483. Continue reading


Financial Goal – 6th Week

This week was terrible around the world and it was no different for me. I was really scared and the stocks went really down. I could not hold on for long. I have made losses this week which is close to 2,000 :(. I did not look into details as I was kinda upset. Hope next week brightens up a bit.

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