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Mumbai Terror – My Resolution

November 26th 2008 remains as one of the scariest days in my life. Living so very far from Mumbai, I can feel the shivers that the terrorist created. It was one of the most terrifying moments in most of the people’s life. There are millions of people reporting about the tragedy but none of them talk about the solution to it. If there is any then it is just filled with anger because of loss of near and dear ones and the pain the terrorists inflicted upon the entire nation. We were just mute spectators. This should not happen again and if that has to become a reality then it is our job to do such a thing.

I believe that in a home, if your parents are not having any healthy habits then the chances of you learning any healthy habits is very bleak. I know it is not impossible but it is difficult. Similarly for a country the leader should be responsible and sensible to lead the people from within. It is from these leaders we learn how to rule the nation and they give out wrong signals. Continue reading

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