Financial Goal – 5th Week

This week was bad… I was under loss of Rs. 2000. So effectively I am in Red right now. The markets were down and I was not sure whether to wait for a real long time or not and then decided to remove my funds and then get back after couple of days. I wish to make some descent money from now on.

I wish I am always in Green making money and not reporting loss anytime to any of you following me. But that is not how markets work neither me. I don’t think I can always make money in market. There will be ups and downs. The thing is how I handle the downs ensures my path to my dreams. I am working hard to make my dreams become true. Hope things go fine and I am back to green in some time.

Effectively, till last week I was making a profit of Rs. 700 and this week I had a loss of Rs. 2000. So put together I am down by Rs. 1300. I hope to recover it and make much more. Most of them are scared in market at the moment and heavy selling takes place everyday. God knows how long this is gonna happen. I want to trade in futures as soon as possible and make a descent amount in near future. If I go at this rate I know I can’t make it up to my dream.


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