Working for Money

In my previous post I had mentioned about not working for money. In this post I just want to bring out a view about what would happen if we work for money. These thoughts are based primarily on Satyam and its employees.

When life pushes you hard, you learn new lessons. After learning lessons, it is better to be equipped for the future than regret about it. History teaches you lessons but the people are interested in dates and events that happened rather than the lessons. When Lehman brothers went bankrupt, I did not care so much for its employees or for that matter anything. When it came to Satyam, my heart bled seeing the state of the employees. It just shows that I am so much concerned about my fellow Indians. What did the Lehman brothers teach us, if at all they did? It is possible for a company to go down without any warnings. I checked out their website and found that the company was formed over 150 years back and they had not reported loss in any single quarter of their operations and all of a sudden everything just crashes. How can that happen? They must have done something real big in their books so that it always seemed so very nice from outside and it was not so from inside. Big shots of LB would have tried their best to keep things afloat but nothing materialized and things went wrong, and it crashed. This is what I think must have happened. I am happy that Satyam did not go bankrupt because of Mr. Raju.

It is very easy for me to comment about Satyam and its employees, but I can understand the state of being by every other fellow engineers at Satyam. What I want to point out is, if we work for money rather than acquiring skills then I am sure that in these kinds of situations things look bleak for an engineer. On the other note, if the engineers are equipped then they can see an opportunity in this. Life pushes all of us around. Some give up, some fight and some people learn the lesson and move on. If an engineer wants to give up then he will lose the game and some people just keep fighting. A few other people learn the lesson and move on and impart the teachings to others. They welcome this kind of life. Life would have imbalanced for them as well but they know they have to move on. These kinds of people try to learn something from the experience and keep learning till they breathe their last. I have seen this whole software industry just pushes people around and make them less confident that they want someone else to take care of them. Most people just quit and others just fight. There are only very few people who learn the lesson and move on to make a difference to themselves and others. If you are an engineer then I think the best way to live life is by making a difference to yourself and others.

This is one of the lessons other engineers have to learn. As aptly said by Mr. Narayan Murthy of Infosys, “Never love your company, love your job as you never know when the company will stop loving you.” Working for money will never be a good option in life; the engineers will just end up spending life blaming a job that they don’t love, low pay or their bosses for their situation. In reality it is the engineer who is responsible for his life.

Stop blaming others for your failure and try to see an opportunity at every step of your life.


2 thoughts on “Working for Money

  1. Most people just quit and others fight. There are only very few people of the third kind.

    Which are the first, second and third kinds of people? Could you please clarify?

  2. Saravanan says:


    I have reworded the sentences. Sorry for the confusion. :(. I will ensure that such things wont happen again.

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