Don’t work for money

The irony that I see in most of us is that we don’t want to work but we do. The reason we give is for bread and butter. I have quoted that many a times for my own needs. I know it is foolish and stupid to say something like that but I do. This is just the frustration that I have because of lack of money. Once my needs are taken care of, my wants starts and it increases day by day and to fulfill the wants I need more money and one of the easiest ways to make money is work for money. But in reality my whole thinking is wrong, however hard I try to make money by working hard for someone else, I won’t be able to meet my wants only my basic needs will be met.

As said in the previous post, when you can’t afford something, question yourself as to how you can afford it rather than assuming you can’t. I don’t say you can go for anything and everything under the sun. What I mean is, think about it. Once you start thinking then it is a good sign going forward. You will get new ways to generate income and you might be able to afford the thing you wanted. This will help you to exercise your mind; the most powerful gadget god gave us. If you just assume you can’t afford it, you won’t use your brain and thus making it useless. Your mind gets stronger day by day only if you use it.

No wonder the successful people are taxed. I have observed that only those people who struggle their lives to make money pay taxes. It is a punishment the government gives for struggling hard and making money. The professionals are the people who struggle hard in the schools and colleges and land up paying taxes more than the business class. It is a curse that is given to the hard working people. One other school of thought is that the rich people should pay more tax to take care of those less fortunate. Why should rich people take care of less fortunate? What is the government that the people have chosen for? I don’t believe in this. I believe that it is curse for the rich people and others who are in the pursuit of becoming rich.

Have an attitude to learn and manage the risks with money rather than playing safe. I have observed many people don’t take risks when it comes to money and they live without taking any risks and live the rest of their life as poor or middle class financially. The people who take risks and learn to manage risks become rich financially in their life.

“Money is Power”, many don’t agree with me. But the is reality that people are afraid to accept and I am not going with them or against them. It is their wish. “Money is not evil”. Don’t ever work hard for money. Make sure money works hard for you.

If you want to be rich financially then you must make sure that money works harder for you and reaps benefit for you. I hope after reading my articles, you change the way you plan and think about money and make sure that Money work for you. All the best.


2 thoughts on “Don’t work for money

  1. I hope after reading my articles, you change the way you plan and think about money and make sure that Money work for you

    What is it that YOU have said in your articles that makes anyone changes their mind. You have just put down your feelings about money. But you have not urged anyone to change their thoughts. Have you?

  2. Saravanan says:


    I was not talking about this article alone. I meant after reading my articles regarding finance and money the outlook that you have towards money will/can be changed. I have not urged anyone to change their thoughts, my intension of writing this blog is to share my thoughts and learn better ways to handle finance and money.

    When something makes sense to you in my article, you will think about it and this is what I want to achieve.

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