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Which Credit Card to be Chosen

A friend of mine asked me this question, I wanted to reply back to him over mail but later I thought many might have similar question so I posted over here. I won’t be giving you the exact financial institution or bank to apply for and I don’t want to advertise on anyone’s behalf. I think all the credit cards have their own way to pulling the money from you, however smart you are. If you think you could beat them then I am sorry to say that you are wrong. It is not impossible to beat them in their own game but it is not worth the effort. Continue reading

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Buying a house

A house is one of the most vital investments. Some of them argue as it is one of the biggest liability and others claim as it is an asset. According to me, it is just a place to live your life. I don’t consider it as a liability or an asset. Since it is both a liability and as well as an asset. In India, we generally get the house from our forefathers. The house is generally passed on from one generation to the other and we really don’t think much about buying a house to live in. If at all we do then it is only the lower middle class people who are in the pursuit of becoming upper middle class or rich buy a house now to live in.  If you belong to the upper middle class or rich then I am sure you would be having a house by now. That is because your father or his father would have made sure about your needs. Continue reading

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Don’t Carry Your Cards

This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your expenditure. I do understand that the Debit/Credit cards give lot of benefits to the consumers but it makes you spend your hard earned money. Isn’t it true? You would have anyway spent your money, what is the point about the cards? I don’t quite agree with it. the cards gives us lot of benefits like we can track our expenses, they are not as cumbersome as cash to carry around, the cards offer rewards for spending money and many more benefits. I agree with that, but ultimately the card that you are going to use will be charged and you will be paying the bank directly or indirectly some money for the service that you are using. Continue reading

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Houses on Sale

These days I see many advertisements regarding the sale and so called the real estate price correction. Even now, it is not so very cheap as most of us think. I thought that the prices of the apartments are cheap but the truth is, it is not so. Nothing is cheap, everything is costly. A couple of years back when the real estate was in boom, the prices of the apartments were around 25 to 30 Lakhs. A few premium builders had their price which was only for the privileged high class people. It was generally in Crores. The budding builders and the enthusiast in this real estate who wanted their share of pie were giving the flats at reasonable price only. Continue reading

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Lifestyle Inflation

Is this a new term that you are hearing for the first time? If so you need to know what it is all about. Lifestyle Inflation indicates the rise in your lifestyle expenses which you need to consider. As your disposable income increases, you tend to acquire certain expensive tastes and desires. This is also a function of the growth in availability of a number of options. For example, you would have been content to watch movies in an ordinary movie hall a few years ago. However, with the hefty pay hikes you’ve received over the years, you would now have upgraded to multiplexes. In simple terms, it means your ticket cost has jumped from Rs 100 to Rs 250. Continue reading

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