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Beginner Series – Learn the interface

In the previous article in the series, I have mentioned about how to go about opening a trading account. There are various broker houses and selecting one is always a troublesome option. Choose a broker according to your convenience. This is most important step. Ensure that you get good service from them. Ask as many people as possible before deciding on one. It is good to seek the expert’s opinion. There are many forums, blogs and other source of information that might be handy for you. Do your research. I wanted to provide these links and one of the readers suggested I should not be doing that. I don’t know whether it is a good piece of suggestion or not but I thought I will stick with it. Continue reading

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Debt Payment

Debt is one of the scariest words that frighten most of the individuals. Generally I have noticed that most of the engineers have at least one loan, the common loans that they take are, educational loan, personal loan, car loan or home loan. There are many packages generally for engineers so that they can pay the banks EMI easily. It does not look like a burden but if you analyze it is. Debt is not a bad thing according to me. We need not be scared of debts. The nation takes debt to improve the situation of the people and in turn make money to survive. Continue reading

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How much do I need to retire?

Retirement is always something that is kind of fascinating for me. I just have four years of experience in software industry and I think it is kind of enough. It looks dreadful at times. I just want to work for someone and just do something for me which am interested in. I don’t know what keeps me interested and that is a different story altogether. Retirement from the industry means I have made myself comfortable and living a lifestyle that I dreamt of and hope to continue the same till I die. Continue reading

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One Seriously Stupid Mistake

“To Err is Human, to Forgive Divine”. This is a common Idiom in English. I have told this millions of time to myself so that I don’t get stuck with the guilt. Agreed that people make mistakes and also there is no point in just keep thinking about the mistake. The better option would be to forgive them and move on. When finances come into picture, an error costs money and sometimes big money. I have had my share of stupid mistakes. Why I call it mistake is, I could have averted it but thanks to my attitude towards finances and the knowledge I had in the credit card world ensured I pay for it and handsomely too. Continue reading

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Savings as an Expense

I was wondering is it possible to save money with least effort. Generally for me, savings become the last option once the paycheck hits my account. I don’t think much about savings. The priority of savings is generally last or somewhere close to last. It is not a good sign and I know that. I was wondering if at all I decide to change the situation and make savings as an important priority then what could be done and it flashed to me that I consider savings as an expense and which is mandatory. I do spend the money that I earn, I thought every week I fill petrol for my bike, it is necessary similarly I will deposit some amount of money in the savings account thinking that it is necessary. Continue reading

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