Shares are Riskier??

Most of them feel that Shares are Riskier. They convinced me also that it is most riskier than any other financial instruments. Till I traded, I was also under the same impression. After trading I have realized that Shares are not that riskier as people told me.

Shares are just another financial instrument which people use to increase their income. It is the trader who makes the shares riskier and shares itself is not that risky. Generally a trader takes daredevil risks where as an investor takes calculated risks.

People are very confused in share market (I was one of them!!). They don’t know whether to be a Trader or Investor. If they want to be a Trader they are not sure how to trade, when to trade, how to trade and so on… If they want to be a Investor they are not sure how long to invest, in what they should invest, when to take out money and all that.. Its a scary confused world of people who don’t know what to do with their money and lose out. There are other bunch of people who know exactly what to do and they make money. It is up to you to choose which side you want to stand.

Before even dreaming of making money in stock market. Decide your position. Whether you want to be a trader or investor and after that decide on how much you want to make and when you plan to quit the stock market. If you are greedy I am sure you will lose. Don’t be greedy, decide the things and then start your game.

Stock market is a game, first learn the rules and then decide your game play and then play the game..


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