Shell petrol price decreases in Bangalore!

I am sure most of guys in Bangalore have realized that the Shell petrol bunk finally gave in and reduced the price of petrol. I was filling petrol for my bike from Shell regularly. They have two kinds of petrol, one is “special” and other is “ordinary”. “Special” petrol is of high octane value petrol called Shell Super petrol. “Ordinary” petrol is of lower octane value called Shell Normal petrol. The special petrol was selling at a premium price of Rs. 4 than the ordinary petrol. I was willing to pay that extra money because my mileage had increased honestly I did not measure it but I am sure that it gave me more than 4 kms than the ordinary petrol from other petrol bunks.

After sometime, they started selling only the “special” petrol when enquired with an employee, he said the company was not making a great business and if they wanted to be in business they had to sell only “special petrol”.

Then the inevitable happened, the prices of petrol started going north. Shell started selling their “special” petrol at a premium of Rs.8 more than the petrol that is available in other bunks. I was not so very keen to pay that much and pay for the special petrol this time. I completely boycotted their bunks and started filling petrol at other bunks and was happy with that even though my mileage suffered a bit. I started noticing that the petrol bunk once filled with customers hardly had any.

I was wondering how come they are paying their employees even when they don’t have a soul filling petrol at their bunks. After months of steep price increase now they have decreased it and are selling at a lower price.

Things to ponder over:

1. How come they are selling now at a lower price?

2. Why did they increase in the first place if they had to cut their prices?

3. Are we paying heavy prices just because we can afford it?

4. How are they now making profits?

5. If we stop buying, will the prices of commodities decrease?

Think and spend your money. We are struggling hard to earn money and there are people who are just siphoning out very easily.


9 thoughts on “Shell petrol price decreases in Bangalore!

  1. anand says:

    Shell prices depends on the international crude oil prices and not by any regulatory body

  2. Saravanan says:


    If Shell prices depends on the international crude oil prices then why does Shell increase and decrease the prices at their will ?

  3. Juny says:

    Shell is a Private company and their prices are deemed to change according to the international market price. This is the same way things work when the crude price crashed, they slashed the price. there is nothing fishy in it. I agree that Shell gives right quantity of un adultrated pertol.

  4. Saravanan says:

    I do agree that Shell is a private company and according to the international market prices the prices vary. I really don’t know how closely you watch the market. I do. The variations of the crude oil prices is considerable. Last month or so it was trading at $140 per barrel and today it is trading at $81. Still the prices are the same as it was a month back. When the prices of crude oil increases the petrol prices increases but when it decreases does it decrease? This is something that you have to think about!!
    I dont say anything is fishy about it all that I want to convey is, spend money wisely and think before spending your hard earned money.

  5. Coplay says:

    have u heard of the saying called “pennywise but pound foolish.” Thats exactly what has become of you. You only think of mileage and the money. Think about ur engine. Those extra penny’s u put in at SHELL comes back to u at a later period when ur engine never stops, never vibrates. The other petrol u get at bunks is adulterated and of INCORRECT quantity. Now thats what counts SIR.

  6. Saravanan says:

    I do know about the engine and the life of the vehicle. I do take care of my vehicle pretty well. My bike does give a mileage of 60kmpl.

    The point I wanted to make was, Shell or for that matter any other refining Company does not exactly give you the clear picture of the amount of Octane value present in petrol.

    You pls tell me how would it matter whether X or Y brand of petrol affects your engine when you dont know the octane value of the petrol of either of them?

  7. SP says:

    I also feel that if Shell was really following the international market pricing than their prices should be below all the PSU petrol outlets. But this is not so altough they make claims to the contrary in the website, stating that the price is dependent on the product price plus taxes plus opex plus margins. One would not expect them to change prices every day. However once a month or two they should review the pricing if what thay claim is true.

    On the savings front , as they dont cheat like almost all PSU bunks I think even a 10 percent variation in qty would still give you real savings and the peace of mind that you are not being cheated. Even if you are paying less with the knowdlege of being cheated, do you really know how much you are being cheated for each time ? If the pricing is about Rs 4 more at current rates, I would still think Shell would be a good proposition.

  8. Saravanan says:


    I agree with you SP. It is true about the savings.

    The thing is all businesses just prefers to make money and more money and they really don’t go by ethics or anything. Businessman don’t have the policy of “Live and Let Live”. They all want to ensure they survive in this bad world. 🙂

  9. Naveen Chandu says:

    Shell petrol was selling at a premium price of Rs. 4 than the ordinary petrol. I was willing to pay that extra money because my mileage had increased honestly I did not measure it but I am sure that it gave me more than 4 kms than the ordinary petrol from other petrol bunks.

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