About My Financial Goal

I hope you have visited this link to know about my first financial goal. I wanted to explain more about my goal and how I plan to move forward with my goal.

I have assumed that every week I will make a profit of 10% and re-invest the same amount the next week to continue with my investments. I do believe in value investments but I am not keen on pursing it right now. I prefer to play the game with just calculated risks and also ensure that I take risks to maximum extent and all that I will care about is only my premium amount that I am going to invest in the beginning. I am ready for the kill.

This is my path of doing it.

I will invest in shares of companies which are part of BSE and NSE index and I will buy shares at random and keep the shares till it appreciates more than 5%, the moment it appreciates so much I will sell it and similarly if the stock value depreciates by 5% then I will sell it. These are the simplest rules I have kept for myself to play the games. I don’t like too many complicated rules to play the game.

This is my path and I want you also to come up with your unique plan. It is really not that hard to come up. All that you need is a good strategy to invest and get out. It is really very simple. Trust me “You” are no less than the best of the fund managers.

Once I make a decent amount of money then I will be trading in the most risky financial instruments i.e. Futures and Options.

I have decided to update on a weekly basis about my income/expenditure and how I am doing. Basically in software engineer’s terms, weekly updates. :-). I will not be divulging my stock details for the obvious reasons.

Disclaimer: Please don’t follow my path. It is not dangerous but I am not sure. I love taking risks and I feel it is part of life. Stakes are higher, when the risks are higher. That is life. Don’t blindly follow and sue me if things go wrong and claim that I am the one who is responsible. ;-).

I am sure that I can do it and I will definitely do it. Feel free to drop in your comments. Is there anyone who is interested to jump into the stock market?


One thought on “About My Financial Goal

  1. Anantha says:

    Hmm nice goal.. too optimistic, but i like it 🙂

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