Financial Goal – After 1 week

I hope you remember about my First Financial Goal.

First Week of Struggle:

Nothing great happened. I did not make any money nor lose any money. I am in virtual loss as of now. 😦

The moment I bought the stocks, there was little price variation and I was happy since it was heading north, then by End of the day it was like i made a virtual profit of 1.2% then coming days stock price was fluctuating a bit and it did not happen the way I thought about it. The fluctuations are a bit too much, it went high and it went low. Now it is low. I think I should set something reasonable say 2% gains or loss or something. Anyways for at least next four weeks I won’t change the rules. Lets hope for the best.

If any of you guys are following me with my Financial goal then please let me know different strategies as to how to improve my gains. It is all random and I believe in it. I don’t think anytime that there is a meaningful and logical explanation that could be given for the price variation of the stocks. Let me be honest with you with whatever I do.

Please do drop in a comment if you support me in this. Thank you for your support.


2 thoughts on “Financial Goal – After 1 week

  1. Pratik says:

    How about me investing my 5,000 in your scheme and you using the capital as you do for your 10,000.

    At the end of 6 months, if you get 50,000.
    I shall give you 10,000 from it.

    For you, the added incentive is that i get to monitor your strategies and performance !

  2. Saravanan says:


    Ha ha ha.. Nice one buddy..

    Sorry I am not really getting into it right at this moment. When I take money from someone, I have to be accountable and careful and I should be successful. If I lose my money, it does not hurt me but if I lose yours, we might end up fighting and I really dont want to fight with a nice person. 🙂

    And for the added incentive, you can always monitor my strategies and performance. I have decided to update it weekly on that.

    Thank you so much for trusting me and making an offer. 🙂

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