Other End of Line

I was following this movie : “Other End of Line” just cause of Shriya. It is her debut in Hollywood and I was interested to know how the film fares.

Below you can check the reviews for the same.








Most of them are spoilers. (I don’t know why Shriya had to do such a movie!!).

I really enjoyed reading the reviews. Here are some lines that is worth mentioning.

Lovely Face


“Other End of the Line” as exciting as a dial tone

“The Other End of the Line” has the dramatic impact of a dropped cell phone call.

The Other End of the Line: Hang up and try again

Watching Granger and Priya chase each other around a hotel like squirrels in a park, you wonder what these two see in each other. Saran, with her big eyes and sweet demeanor, seems like the cute girl in your study group who you’re afraid to Facebook. It’s mysterious what she could possibly get from Metcalfe, who’s the guy you know is in your class because he always needs to borrow your notes.

Long-distance romance has too many hang-ups

Better Ones:

The buffoonish antics by Bollywood vet Anupam Kher as Priya’s flustered father are one of the movie’s few saving graces.

A winning Stateside debut for beautiful Indian actress Shriya Saran.

The Indian cast is far more appealing. Saran may be more coquette than comedienne, but she’s a stunner. And veteran Anupam Kher (Bend It Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice), as Priya’s fussy, buffoonish father, is a hoot.


I guess the movie is bad.. You can’t keep watching Shriya from beginning till end. But I am happy that Reviewers have good opinion about Shriya.


2 thoughts on “Other End of Line

  1. Anantha says:

    ohh.. interesting. I never knew this ‘Sivaji babe’ has stepped into Hollywood 🙂

  2. Saravanan says:

    Yes buddy. This was her debut but the film was a major blunder I suppose. I don’t think she will do another one soon.

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