Don’t Wait for D-Day

Have you been waiting for long to start something? Do you keep postponing things? Are you just wondering how others are progressing and you are still far behind? What is that you are waiting for? What is stopping you to start? What is it so important that you have not figured it out to start it? Most of us are just waiting for the D-Day.

D-Day is a term often used in military parlance to denote the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. We can really do whatever we want to do but still we don’t. I have seen many friends of mine interested in investing and getting into the stock market but they don’t really get into it because of the fear. Nothing really stops them from getting into stock market. They just keep giving reasons to themselves and others for not doing so. I get messages like; I don’t like to get into stock market as it is complex to understand. When people say such things, I ask them have you tried to understand how stock market works and what is complex about it? The answer I get is, “NO” I have not tried doing it. Why have you not tried? The answer is “I don’t have time”. I feel the honest answer would be, “I am really not getting into anything. I prefer to waste my precious time in something useless rather than important stuff”. Everyone wants to do something important but land up doing nothing useful.

If you are really interested in stock market, my suggestion is just take a plunge. Before that just learn the basics that is it. You need not be a pro in it, just start it that is really what is expected to be done and once you start things, you will learn in due course. If at all you lose some money, don’t bother about it, as it will teach you a lesson which is worth millions. I am sure that losing money is not a big thing in life when compared to learning a great lesson.

Just get the basics right, like what is meant by stocks, how to buy, how to sell, what is meant by brokerage and something similar of that kind. This should be more than enough to get into the stock market and later you can learn things. What I have learnt from my personal experience is that, once you are into it, you will start exploring and learning different things. Since stock market is risky business, you start early so that you will have all the liberty to screw up things and learn and then play around with your money. It is always better to have your money work hard for you and you enjoy the benefits of it. I think that is the best approach to make money rather than you struggling hard to make money.

Just don’t keep waiting for the D-Day. Do it TODAY.

All the very best of luck!


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