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Anything is better than Losing Money

There are many investment vehicles which promise huge returns. Many actually do have that potential and perform as promised and this can be attributed to many conditions. Some call it luck and some call it strategic decision. Whatever is the reason one can attribute to, the end result is that people are making money from these investment vehicles. I am glad for them that they have done is right and the result is wonderful. I hope that many are in this category but the truth is not so. This category of people who know how to make money with investment vehicles, don’t share much of their secrets. Continue reading

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Stock Market

The stock market is a place where stocks, bonds, or other securities are bought and sold. When you buy stocks or shares in a company you gain part ownership in that company. In today’s world people buy stocks in order to gain dividends on money that they have invested. Some advantages of buying stocks over bank deposits; money-market funds or bonds are that stocks have a long historical track. Although the disadvantages of buying stocks are that the market fluctuates very often and the stocks are never guaranteed so you may loose all of the money you have invested. Continue reading

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Mutual Fund Category

There are various Mutual Fund Categories. They can be broadly classified into the following:

  1. Stock funds
  2. Money market funds
  3. Bond funds
  4. Balanced funds
  5. Asset allocation funds Continue reading
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Beginner Series: How to Choose a Stock?

I have had this question many a times when I get to invest in the stock market. There are so many companies listed in the stock market and which one should I be picking up? I am sure most of you would have a similar question. How I did go about finding the right stock is just random. I did not know how to value a stock or how to analyze the stock. The very first stock that I picked was just random. I just thought of searching a company with starting letter’ S’ and I wanted that company to be a FMCG one. That is it. No other rules.  🙂 Continue reading

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Stock Market scares you?

If you are afraid of stock market and the complexity that it involves then don’t get into it before you learn about those complexities. Keep your investments as simple as possible. If you don’t understand something in the stock market then make a conscious effort to learn and play the game. It is very simple game; there are many terminologies that the stock market world presents you. You need not be scared of it, when I can invest and make money I think anyone can. This is what I have learnt in years after I started investing in the year 2006, it is been three years now and I have made decent profit. (Agreed that, I have had my downfall but overall it was a good 3 years.) Continue reading

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