Trekking to Siddaganga hills – Part IV

Please read the previous parts before this part.

7.00 pm

We were all tired and we started our way back to Bangalore. I was very tired and had little energy and was damn thirsty and I quenched my thirst with Aquafina as soon as I got the opportunity to gulp up the much needed water. We started our journey back and there was loads of fun in the cab with the cabbies telling their stories and checking the pictures taken by the pros. It was fun and trust me some pictures were absolutely gorgeous. I hope everyone uploads the pictures. I will upload few of them and pass on the link sometime later.

10.45 pm

I reached home safely and was in no mood to do anything other than crashing on my bed. Mom asked me whether I will have dinner. All that I know telling her was, I was tired. That is it. I just washed cleaned myself up and crashed on the bed.

Last picture that I captured on my way back


It was one beautiful trek that I would cherish for quite some time. I had never thought that going with colleagues would be such fun. Generally these people are very serious with work hardly talking to each other and all that. But I got to know how they are when I came out with them. They are all fun and nice to be with. They helped me and others. I always love people who help others to reach their destinations and dreams. It was a great trek and a great weekend. I have realized that it is good to be outside Bangalore during weekends. Bangalore’s life during weekends is just movies, malls, some coffee shops, pubs, and all similar places. It is not all that great but being with nature is really nice for me. I plan to go for another trek soon.


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