Trekking to Siddaganga hills – Part III

Please read the previous parts before this part.

2.30 pm

It was a tiring journey and I was pretty cool and took breaks as and when I felt like taking and I was in front with the guide. He was from Gulburga and his dad was in Dubai working for a transport company and his mom was looking after the fields and he was in Tumkur for his studies. I was so happy for him. He was able to communicate in Kannada, English and Hindi. He was not good at English but that was not a problem for me. I was happy to talk to him all the distance in Kannada. He was telling me the stories of the place and Matt. I was climbing and meanwhile I was talking to other colleagues as well. I had real fun in climbing and helping others on the way. I had the pleasure of walking around and running around occasionally whenever I got a chance. The guide was very helpful and he used to laugh at times for things I used to tell him.

4.00 pm

After long breaks and photo sessions here and there, we reached the top of hill, it was brilliant. I was so happy to be on top. I could hear the nearby cricket commentary that was going on. The beautiful landscape, the nearby lake, the railway track, the quarry that was nearby everything seems to be so nice to me. I was in a different world for some time. There was a water body on top of the hill and that was where Sita devi (of Ramayana) had taken bath (Guide provided that info). We were worried that it might get dark before we reach the bottom of the hill. So we agreed to start getting down by 4.45pm. we all had the idli that we packed and most of us could not eat that much and we wasted a whole lot. I felt bad but nothing much could have been done. I am glad that it was not thrown away, instead it was given to cows and I hope they ate it.

4.45 pm

It was not a very difficult task to get down. It was comparatively easier than climbing up. I was literally running around. It was so easy. I was chatting with colleagues who were telling me about their life experiences when coming down and I was making fun of others and I don’t know how soon we came down. On the way, I saw sun set. It was really wonderful sight. I was not able to capture that but others did and it was a pleasure seeing that. The sight of sun setting was really wonderful. It was pleasant to the eyes. Our Trek Lead is an astro-freak. He showed us the Milky Way and couple of satellites and North Pole star and all that. I actually forgot the names. It was really wonderful. He told us that those are not visible from Bangalore because of pollution. I was cursing Bangalore’s traffic then.


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