Financial Tips

I wanted to convey some financial tips to you. These are just tips but it does give you a good idea about how you should plan things and which needs to be given importance. The importance on tips is solely based on your discretion.

Set a Financial Goal: be as diligent about money as you are about your career.

Train yourself to be financially independent: don’t allow yourself to become reliant upon other’s decisions, and become involved in long-term financial planning.

Fund your retirement account: an important step for you.

Start investing: do it now, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Be more confident in salary negotiations: be more assertive to demand what you’re worth.

Venture out of your financial comfort zone:
important financial actions such as buying stuff or investing and all produce some level of discomfort.

Know that it’s never too late: remember that you can start late and finish rich!

These are some of the tips that I would love you guys to follow. I give much importance to setting up financial goal. If you set a goal, I am sure that you will work hard to achieve it. The initial hiccups have to be faced can’t help it. The other important tip I think is getting out of the comfort zone. It is not very easy to get out. I know it is a pain but you have to make conscious efforts to do so. Life is not after all a bed of roses, roses and thorns are part of life. if you expect all the way of your life to be rosy then I guess you don’t live in earth.

Investing and saving for retirement are also equally important. Investment is something that everyone should practice. The earlier the better because there are all the chances in the world that you will fail and I would suggest you to start early because the impact is not that high. It is not going to impact so much either way.

Start doing things that you want to do it is really very nice. Most of the things that we plan to do; doesn’t end up in being done. Don’t be like that; if you decide on something then try to complete it. It will give you immense pleasure in this world.

There are many other million tips but I think these should be the basis of everything else.

Head start. All the best.


4 thoughts on “Financial Tips

  1. Sudhix says:

    wats the significance of missing the first letters of the bold letters??

  2. Saravanan says:


    Sorry buddy.. There was some issues with the format. I had not done it properly. I wrote the post just before hitting the bed. I did not proof read it.


  3. Hi Saravanan:

    Good article. All of the points you have itemized make for a good set of tips. Step 3 is the one I am generally weak on. It is tough to fund a retirement account sufficiently, when you are busy investing for short term business gains. Nevertheless, I guess I am going to put some effort on long term retirement planning also. Thank you, Sir.

  4. Saravanan says:


    I have not started my retirement fund as such. I am still 24 and I think I have to start it by 2008 end, that is my plan.

    I think it is better to start early. It is always good to start early. If you are still single then make sure you start of as soon as possible. (Just a suggestion!!)

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