Financial Goal – 7th Week

Oh God.. What a week it was! Investors lost crores and crores and I was no exception. I was seriously worried with my money. I never expected that market will go so low.

On Monday Oct 13 markets opened at 10874. It closed at 11309.

I thought markets are getting back due to various reasons like RBI infusing loads of funds into the financial system, US bailing out the banking system by providing more than 700 billion dollars. I was thinking things might go fine. I bought shares on Tuesday. Things were seeming bright.

On Tuesday Oct 14 markets opened much higher at 11777. It closed at 11483.

I guessed I bought shares at the wrong time. 😦

On Wednesday Oct 15 markets opened at 11195 and closed at 10840.

On Thursday Oct 16 markets opened at 10233, it touched a low of 10036 and closed at 10581.

On Friday Oct 17 markets opened at 10754 and closed at 9975.

It is really not that good scene. I am not scared but the virtual loss is close to more than 6k. I did not take the money out and getting out of market. I expect it to bounce back. Things are really bad at market. Only on Friday alone, people must have lost crores of Rupees.

I bought the shares when the market was around 11500 and now it is at 9975. I know that things are bad but I have not given up yet and wont give up also. Hope things get better. I am just expecting. As I know that Markets are completely Random. Hope things get better.


2 thoughts on “Financial Goal – 7th Week

  1. Doesn’t it take up a lot of time to keep your blog so interesting ?

  2. Saravanan says:

    @how-to-save-money : It takes most of my free time to maintain this blog and keep it interesting.

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