What is your worth?

The economic meltdown is a cause of worry for many people and I do agree that it is a bad phase in most of our lives. Today I read that the software engineers who were hired by WIPRO were asked to work for BPO and they all revolted and now WIPRO has given four days to decide on the situation.

What would be your call on such a situation? I would be really very disturbed and paranoid about the whole situation. But really I won’t be thinking too much. If I really feel that I want to make money then I would just take up any job but if I want to make a career then I would really think hard and decide. I don’t know how many people have thought about their career and all that. I was not very clear how my career should go on for the first two years. Now I know where I should head to. Once that is clear I think everything else will fall in place.

Generally we make compromises in order to sustain in this bad world, we don’t live here. There are very few people in this world who live their lives the way they want. I have noticed this many a times. One of my friends took up medicine just because his dad wanted him to become one. That is not a good sign going forward. I have realized that the passion in us dies down easily if we do things that are not interesting to us. If that is the situation then you can imagine the pain that we bring about to ourselves and people around us who love us dearly.

We all work for money, agreed but have you ever thought about your worth? If someone is paying a dime it does not mean your worth is just dime. It is much more. Either you have not realized it or the other guy has realized it. When you work for money, it is just business that matters. None is here in this business to serve the human kind. Everyone is here to do business and that is all that matters to them. So if someone pays you money just don’t accept it, question it. It is general rule in business to pay your worker lesser otherwise you can’t make money. I have been through this and I know how it feels.

When you work for someone, don’t think from your end. Think always from other’s end. What would you do when you are in his shoes? That should put some light on things. Don’t just take up things and work like donkey. Work smart, get paid high.


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