When to start saving and investing?

I have this question in my mind for some time now. I don’t know when is the right time to start saving and investing. I am sure many of us would have gone through such a phase at least once during the life time and many go through it daily like me. I always decide that I should invest and save up but land up in spending.

This is a very common behavior in young guys like me without any commitments. It is hard to save up or invest without any commitment or obligation. Generally I have noticed that guys give money to mom or dad to manage it for them and they are happy earning and asking parents for money when they require it. I am not against it but it is not a good sign moving forward.

The main issue is when to invest and save. I would say “Today” is the right answer. It is not a good reason to postpone your savings and investments. The fact remains that if you start early you will be in a safe position tomorrow. It is always a good habit to save up at least 25% of your income on monthly basis and invest 25% of income. This is not a standard rule or something it is just my thought. The rest 50% you can spend and enjoy life.

I know saving is lot of pain, to make saving interesting keep a goal like “Travel to Paris” and since you know it costs a hell lot, I am sure you can save it. Once the urge to fulfill your goal comes in you I am sure you will be able to save up easily and similarly for investing have a goal which has a meaning and a long term goal, why I prefer to have a long term goal is it is very natural to pull out of investment and I don’t want that to happen and that is the reason I suggest to have long term goal. Long term is close to 10 years and more. I would call that long term.

I have learnt couple of things in investment which I would be sharing in the coming few posts. Hope to see you then.


2 thoughts on “When to start saving and investing?

  1. Bidhan says:

    For me the motive behind investment is to get profitable returns which normally may not be obtained by keeping the money in bank, buying bonds etc. Having said this, I don’t think one necessarily need to be a long term player…If your goal is to sustain investment you got to get returns on your investment to fuel it further …how long would you like to wait …after all 10 years down the line you may still not be able to guarantee the returns …so a smart investment is needed rather than a long term investment …therefore would like to read something on that side rather than the old stuff which I can read anywhere on Google 🙂

  2. Saravanan says:


    You are my guru when it comes to money. I hope to live up to your expectations.

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