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Trekking to Siddaganga hills – Part II

Please read the previous part before this part.

11.30 am

We reach the destination. Siddagange betta is in Kyatsandra. We plan to have some food and pack some food and start our trekking. I had masala dosa and appy (Apple juice) to start the trek. TL packs loads of idli and we are on the way to start the trek.

12.00 pm

Trekking starts. We start the trek with photos. We had many professional photographers with high end cameras and they were busy with the photo sessions. I was very happy that after a long time I am on a trek. The last I went for a trek was two years ago with my friends who are all in US right now. I was looking forward to go for trek for a long time and this was perfect for me. I go along with everyone for some 200 meters in the beginning. There were two paths and I had chosen one and none of my colleagues thankfully came behind me. I missed being together but I had all the fun of climbing the hill. It had no path and I had to make my own path to get on top of the hill. Continue reading


Trekking to Siddaganga hills – Part I

27th Sep 2008, 5.25 a.m.

My alarm rings and I get up from bed enthusiastically. I check my mobile and I have got a message from my colleague as my wake up message. I did not have time to reply back and went to my daily chores. I get ready by 5.50am and give a call to my colleague who had given me 7 calls from 5.30 to 5.45am. I pack my bag with 2 liters of water and leave my home to get the cab.

6.00 am

I go to my stop and call up the cab driver and driver says he will be there in ten minutes. (The plan was to go from my place and pick up all the colleagues on the way and we were schedule to start at 6 am sharp) I wait patiently till 6.15 and then call him again and he says he will give a call in 5 minutes. I wait for his call but he never calls meanwhile my other colleagues started their inquiry session with me. Continue reading


The Best Strawberry

I read the following story from a site. It was really worth mentioning in my site. Enjoy it.

The story is about a Zen student who is running from a tiger in the forest.

The tiger is catching up to him, and the only way out is to jump over a cliff that leads to certain death on the rocks below.

With no real options, the Zen student jumps over the cliff, and just manages to grab on to a branch halfway down.

Beside the branch is a bush of wild strawberries, and the student reaches over with one free hand and takes one.

With the tiger above him and certain death on the rocks below him, he slowly eats the strawberry.

And as he does, he thinks, “This is the best strawberry I have ever tasted.”


Face the Hurdles

Goals are the dreams with deadlines. Not many dream and not many achieve. The dreams don’t become a reality and that is not because of anyone else but oneself. We really can’t blame someone else for our failures. It is ourselves who are responsible for it. We take the eyes off from our goals and start concentrating on the hurdles. This is not the way to pursue your goal.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

— Henry Ford

The intension of having a “Goal” is to make the dream a reality. Whatever is the dream, one can achieve it and it is not impossible. The greatest hurdle for any dream is oneself and his low self confidence. If you yourself can’t visualize the victory then it is very difficult for others to believe that you can do it. Dreams are not all that difficult to be made a reality. It requires strong will and belief in yourself that you can do it. Continue reading


Decision Making

One of the most important qualities that everyone should possess is “Decision Making”.

When you have to make a choice and you don’t make it, that itself is a choice. – William James

The amount of decisions one makes in a day is roughly in hundreds, might be more also. How accurate are we in making decisions. Are we always right? I don’t mean the biggest decisions in your life like what you are going to study? What you want to become after five years or something else. I mean the simplest ones like how many sugar cubes to be added to the coffee? Should I work on this project now or later? Which is the one that I should be doing right now? Continue reading

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